“American dating is like…”- Henry Cavill Who Dated Actress Kaley Cuoco Takes a Subtle Dig on Usa’s Dating Styles

“American dating is like…”- Henry Cavill Who Dated Actress Kaley Cuoco Takes a Subtle Dig on Usa’s Dating Styles

There are a lot of reasons why Henry Cavill is everyone’s favorite. And his brilliant performances over the years in shows like The Witcher, Man Of Steel, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E are just a small aspect of it. The actor started his career with Laguna and is now one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. The two biggest cinematic universes in history are bidding to cast him. Not to mention, that he has been in line to play the iconic secret agent James Bond since 2005, and it’s safe to say that his turn has finally come.

Apart from the big movie franchises that he has been a part of, Cavill is known for his personality. Being a video game fanatic and a comic junkie, the actor has definitely won our hearts. Furthermore, he is extremely well-spoken and humble definitely adds up in his favor. And his views on dating in a 2015 interview will give you more perspective about the kind of person he is.

Henry Cavill shades the ‘American way of dating

If the noise of many hearts shattering in 2021 did not reach your home, then we would like to inform you that Henry Cavill is not single. The British actor is happily in love with Natalie Viscuso. And the couple showed off their romance in a honey-dipped Instagram post. The Superman actor sat in an interview with Men’s Fitness in 2015 when he was thirty-two. When asked about dating, the actor said “American dating is like carpet bombing.”

His continued, “You date 16 women all at once eventually one of them is supposed to pop out of the crowd? I can’t do that.”

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The actor has on countless occasions expressed his dislike of the playboy lifestyle. Considering that he was the ”perfect Edward” for Stephanie Mayor, he is more of a romantic guy.

I do want to find a wife and raise a family. I prefer the British way:  get talking and see what happens, one at a time” said Cavill. This ideology definitely explains why we don’t see the British actor as the center of many dating scandals. He also likes to keep his love life private and only occasionally shares cute couple photos on Instagram.

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