Henry Cavill Was Obsessed With THIS ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star and It Is Not Kaley Cuoco

Henry Cavill Was Obsessed With THIS ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star and It Is Not Kaley Cuoco

We happen to live in a Golden Age of Television.” Perhaps this quote by Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory was more meta than previously believed. The great sitcom gave us twelve seasons of brilliant writing, adorable characters and Chuck Lorre’s unique, yet infectious humor. As fans of the show, we refuse to believe that “fanboy Sheldon” wasn’t referencing his own show. Do you know who else would join The Big Bang Theory fandom? It is none other than the Superman himself, Henry Cavill. 

Not just the show, The Witcher actor was even a major admirer of one of the actors in the show. Given his history with actress Kaley Cuoco (Penny), why she would be the first guess. However, it is someone entirely different. Let us find out who is Cavill’s favorite character from the beloved show.

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Henry Cavill as The Big Bang Theory Fanboy

Henry Cavill is a multi-faceted man who enjoys several pursuits. In fact, much like the “Council of Sheldons” from the CBS show, the Man from U.N.C.L.E actor could as easily have a Council of Henrys. It would range from actor and martial artist Henry to an avid gamer and geek Henry and everything in between. No wonder Sheldon Cooper is the British actor’s most treasure character.

Not just the character, Henry was also a huge follower of the actor Jim Parsons. So much so that Cavill could barely contain his glee whenever Parsons would take home an Emmy. We can only imagine the Son of Krypton laughing uncontrollably whenever Cooper did his signature “knocking on the door scene.” By his own admission, Cavill was more than eager to watch the latest episodes of the CBS flagship, all cosy in his bed.

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Apart from the Sheldon (Jim Parsons) arc, the entire Howard Wolowitz going into space narrative also fascinated Cavill. He was as invested in Leonard and Penny’s classic will they-won’t they storyline as well. The Enola Holmes even claimed to hate the summers since there weren’t any new episodes of The Big Bang Theory to consume. Do you remember when Jim Parsons led a hilarious Superman deep dive with the TBBT boys in the hallway? Well, we can only fantasize about Henry Cavill in that scene and the hilarity it would ensue.

Who is your favorite character from The Big Bang Theory? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, with the release of Enola Holmes 2 just a blink away, you could rewatch part one streaming on Netflix as a refresher.


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