Dave Chappelle Created History at the ‘Hollywood Bowl’ Matching ‘Monty Python’s’ Record With ‘Netflix Is a Joke Fest’

Dave Chappelle Created History at the ‘Hollywood Bowl’ Matching ‘Monty Python’s’ Record With ‘Netflix Is a Joke Fest’

The crowned comedy king Dave Chappelle is a three-time Grammy, and five-time Emmy winner. He also won Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, considered to be the highest award for comedy. Chappelle gave several live performances at the recent Netflix Is a Joke Fest, which had 250+ shows at 30+ different locations in LA. He finally created history after his long journey with comedy.

How did Dave Chappelle become the comedy king?

Chappelle is known for his satirical comedy series Chappelle’s Show, which was arguably one of the best shows of those times. It was a sketch comedy show that revolved around important topics like gun violence, racism, cons of the entertainment industry, drugs, and sexuality.

Interestingly, Chappelle received his first Grammy for his guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. He soon became a regular on the Show with David Letterman, Conan O’Brien show, etc. He also received a Grammy for his Netflix-produced show The Age of Spin & Deep in the Heart of Texas. The show had an interesting topic of him being out of touch with comedy and how he’s resolving it. After about six comedy specials on Netflix, Chappelle had to appear on Netflix is a Joke Fest to please his fans.

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Dave Chapelle breaks records at the Fest

Chappelle did not just appear on the “Joke-chella,” he broke records and set a new one with his appearance. He celebrated four consecutive nights of comedy and music, setting record-breaking box-office sales for the comedian. About 70K+ people from diverse backgrounds came to see him at the Hollywood Bowl.

He reached the league of the likes of Monty Python, a British comedy troupe, known for setting a record for the most amount of shows headlined by a comedian at the Hollywood Bowl

The Legend of Monty Python

Monty Python is a known British comedy troupe from the ’70s. Their journey started with the show-  Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which aired on BBC in 1969. Their style and legacy made ‘Pythonesque’ a word in the English dictionary.

Monty Python performed at the Hollywood Bowl in September 1980, consecutively for four days, just like Chappelle, and also amassed over 70K+ people, breaking then box office records. After 40+ years of them holding the record, Chappelle finally matched their records with his performances at the Hollywood Bowl.

Dave’s achievements were almost marred by the attack on him. However, the comedian said he’s not going to let the attack on him, hinder his celebrations of the record.

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Keeping in mind the events, would you watch Dave Chappelle’s The Closer just to find out what he’s spoken about?

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