Simon Thompson Hilariously Calls Netflix Is a Joke Fest “Joke-Chella” Amid All the Coachella Music Festival Frenzy

Simon Thompson Hilariously Calls Netflix Is a Joke Fest “Joke-Chella” Amid All the Coachella Music Festival Frenzy

Simon Thompson might not be a well-known name for our lot. But, to the people working in the industry, he is very popular. Simon is a producer and filmmaker and an avid journalist. He has worked in the film industry for more than 25 years and well-served companies like Forbes, BBC, Reuters, Variety, E! News, Quibi, and the Oscar-nominated ITN Productions. His thorough work for more than two decades has gotten him a place as a member of the BAFTA awards. Apart from that, he is also a voter at the Emmy awards, which is the top place to be at. Simon has been around for a while in the industry and has a significant amount of work for people to trust in his sense of judgment. He recently attended a fest called Netflix is a Joke.

Simon compares Netflix is a Joke Fest to Coachella

In a recent post on Twitter, Simon posted a series of pictures from Netflix is a Joke: The Festival. He called it joke-chella because the festival is being held side by side with one of the world’s biggest music fests, Coachella. While people can’t stop hyping and posting about Coachella, Simon has made a joke-chella post, confirming his attendance at the actual fest.

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Netflix is a Joke: The Festival is the first offline comedy gig that Netflix has ever done. It’s a platform for live shows and stand-up, where our favorite artists entertain us— Only this time not through a computer screen! 30+ venues across LA are reserved for the fest. It started on April the 28th and will go on till May 8th. Here’s a small video Netflix put out for the promotion of the fest.

The fest in its entirety is going to have 250+ live shows, with comedians, improv artists, shows, and things. This eleven-day program boasts a list of hand-picked artists, all celebrities of course. Some of the bigger and more exciting names on the list are, Adam Sandler, Pete Davidson, Seth Rogan, Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Snoop Dogg, Bill Burr, Craig Robinson, David Spade, Hasan Minaj, Ken Jeong, Kevin Hart, Maya Rudolph, and so so many others. Some of the shows are even free.

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While the internet blew up since the fest was announced, LA’s attendance held the utmost importance. Most shows are sold-out. We can only hope for them to screen on TV which they soon will. Are you going to catch the Netflix fest and see those top artists live or wait till it streams online?

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