“Could you imagine if…?” Sydney Sweeney Admitted She Wants to Do a Rom-Com With This ‘The White Lotus’ Star

“Could you imagine if…?” Sydney Sweeney Admitted She Wants to Do a Rom-Com With This ‘The White Lotus’ Star

Sydney Sweeney can be called the “emerging talent” of Hollywood. The 25-year-old rose to prominence with HBO’s Euphoria, and her work on the same production company’s show The White Lotus can not be overlooked. And why not? The actress received Primetime Emmy nominations for both series.

Sweeney played a girl named Olivia Mossbacher, who is a sophomore student in The White Lotus. Widely known for the bold roles she plays, this time she played a comedic-satirical role in the show. Recently, the actress revealed the co-star from the show with whom she would love to do a rom-com.

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Sydney Sweeney wants to do a rom-com with this co-star

Sydney has worked with a wide range of celebrities on the show, including Jennifer Coolidge, Steve Zahn, Alexandra Daddario, Theo James, and many more. Her chemistry with Brittany O’Grady, who played her friend Paula, whom she brings on the vacation, is stunning.

Not long ago, the Washington native opened up about a star from the show, with whom she would love to do a rom-com in the future. A lot of people might be thinking that it will be a male co-star, but surprisingly, it is a woman. The first speculation is, of course, O’Grady, who portrayed her best friend, but actually, it is Jennifer Coolidge.

According to Screen Rant, the Everything Sucks star said, “Could you imagine if I did a rom-com with Jennifer Coolidge? That’d be amazing.” Notably, Coolidge has some good experience acting in rom-coms like Legally Blonde and Single All The Way.

Apparently, Sweeney grew up watching rom-coms and has a huge love for them. In fact, she recently announced an upcoming rom-com with Set It Up actor Glen Powell that Will Gluck will be directing.

The other projects that she has been working on are Marvel’s Madame Web, with Dakota Johnson as the lead. Sweeney will be playing her friend in the movie. Also, she has signed up for Sony Pictures’ adaptation of the 1960s famous erotic sci-fi comic Barbarella. She will also be acting as executive producer for Barbarella.

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Madame Web will be releasing in February 2024, till then you can watch Sydney Sweeny in Netflix’s Everything Sucks!

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