Cassie in Control! ‘Euphoria’s’ Sydney Sweeney Admits Having a Liking Towards Being ‘Hands on Wheel’

Cassie in Control! ‘Euphoria’s’ Sydney Sweeney Admits Having a Liking Towards Being ‘Hands on Wheel’

Sydney Sweeney is a rising star in Hollywood who is all set to light up the world with her extraordinary talent and sharp looks. The 25-year-old has proven her worth with fantastic roles in series like Euphoria and The White Lotus. Along with that, she already has a project set for 2023 opposite Glen Powell.

The Set It Up actor and Sweeney are going to star in a rom-com directed by director Will Gluck the name of which is to be announced yet. Recently, the actress has given an interview to the Tmrw magazine, in which she talked about her future plans and a few habit of hers.

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Sydney Sweeney loves to be controlling

The Washington-born actress has been a very persuasive person since childhood. She recalls making a whole PowerPoint presentation just to convince her parents that she wants to be an actor. Sweeny is totally dedicated to making her dreams come true, and that force drives her.

Even when the world was at a pause during the pandemic, Sweeny worked in the direction of cutting off one more dream from her bucket list. She worked on launching her own production company called Fifty-Fifty films during the lockdown. The pandemic gave her time to work on those dreams, which she could not do due to her tight acting schedule.

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Surprisingly, the actress just not want to be just an actor and a producer but has other plans in mind too. In the near future, she sees herself as a director and wants more involvement in the entertainment industry. According to Showbiz CheatSheet, the actress has admitted, “I’ve found that I might be a little controlling.” 

She has mentioned that she wants to write and direct and even be a DOP at some point. Sydney Sweeney says that every actor should know about all the departments on a set so that they have respect for every person working on the project.

Another reason why she wants to learn everything is that when she produces or directs a film in the near future, she wants to have a good understanding of every field. The actress does not want to restrict herself to just one thing, be it her roles in the films or behind the camera.

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