Sydney Sweeney to Become Another Red Latex Donning Character as She Becomes One of Most Iconic S*x Symbols in Comic History

Sydney Sweeney to Become Another Red Latex Donning Character as She Becomes One of Most Iconic S*x Symbols in Comic History

The world is excited about Madame Web, one of Marvel’s first female-centric films, which will be released next year. What excites people more is the star cast of this film, which includes Hollywood divas Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney. While it was very clear from the beginning that Johnson would be playing the role of Madame Web, insights into Sweeney’s role were scarce.

According to sources, speculations are that she might play Julia Carpenter, who is the second Spider-Woman as well as the secondary Madame Web. However, in October 2022, another film with The White Lotus actress as the lead was announced. Hint: it is an erotic sci-fi comic adaptation.

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Sydney Sweeney will be playing a red latex-clad character

According to We Got This Covered, the Washington native will be playing the role of the most iconic sex symbol from the comic, aka Barbarella. The comic traces its roots back to the early 1960s sexual revolution. This comic has been chosen by Sony Pictures for the adaptation.

A few latex-clad comic characters, such as Spiderman and Deadpool, have been adapted; it goes without saying that their popularity extends beyond the borders. It looks like Sweeney is going to be an addition to the latex clads, as the character of Barbarella is showcased in the comics that way.

Barbarella is a space explorer who travels the galaxy on wild and sensual escapades. She was the definition of a sensual superwoman, although she was labeled “too pornographic” for 1970s America. However, the world is a changed place now and people have got more acceptance of cinema.

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Other than this, Sydney Sweeney has previously played bold roles in her breakout HBO series Euphoria and in films like The Voyeurs. So it seems like she will be a good choice for the role of Barbarella. Apart from being the lead, she is also acting as the executive producer of the film. Apparently, this is not the first attempt at adapting Barbarella comics into films. In 1968, Jane Fonda represented this sexualized beauty in a film with a similar name to Sony’s upcoming Sweeney starrer.

The official date for the release of this Barbarella adaptation is yet to be announced. On the other hand, Madame Web will be released on February 16, 2024.

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