‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Brings an Unlikely Friendship to Life, and Fans Just Cannot Have Enough of It

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Brings an Unlikely Friendship to Life, and Fans Just Cannot Have Enough of It

Netflix finally dropped the Cobra Kai season 5 and the fans are not getting over the show anytime soon. Season 5 is grander, exciting, thrilling, and more impressive than any of the previous installments. It is a sprawling epic that brilliantly covers all the characters and not just Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. 

There are a lot of moments in the ten-episode series that leaves the viewers fuzzy and crazy. While all the characters more and less get their due, there are two younger generation kids that have stunned the fans with their relationship. Scroll down to know the fans can’t get enough of whose friendship in Cobra Kai season 5. 

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Budding friendship between the two kids related to Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai Season 5

Cobra Kai Season 5 showcases the friendship bond between Robby and Miguel, only to send Twitter into a meltdown. Right from the beginning of Cobra Kai, there has been an intense rivalry between Robby and Miguel, which is completely understandable. However, their relationship grew by leaps and bounds in the latest season.

The two kids are now cordial with each other and the fans are already waiting for heart-melting moments between the two in the coming seasons. Also, there’s another surprise for the fans. The latest installment saw Carmen expecting a baby with Johnny. Instead of being miffed at the news of getting a stepbrother, Robby and Miguel welcomed the news with open arms and seemed genuinely happy for their respective parent.

Here is how Twitter reacted to Robby and Miguel’s friendship: 


The reason behind the enmity between Robby and Miguel

Despite binge-watching all the Cobra Kai seasons, you might be confused about what exactly was the reason behind the rivalry between Robby and Miguel. Sam and Johnny are the two responsible for the complicated relationship between the two kids. 

Miguel was in the perception that Robby stole his love interest, Sam. There were times when Sam preferred Robby over her boyfriend, which miffed Miguel. Two major instances of the same were Robby having dinner with LaRusso’s family and coming to the beach party with Sam as his partner. 

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However, for Robby, the relationship between Johnny and Miguel was a triggering point. Johnny shared a close relationship with Miguel as he was his girlfriend, Carmen’s son. Seeing his father getting close to another kid didn’t go well with Robby. 

Have you watched Cobra Kai season 5? If not, then go stream it right now on Netflix. 

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