3 Reasons Fans Never Accepted Sam and Robby as a Couple In ‘Cobra Kai’ and 3 Reasons They Should Do That in Season 5

3 Reasons Fans Never Accepted Sam and Robby as a Couple In ‘Cobra Kai’ and 3 Reasons They Should Do That in Season 5

Beyond the Kick-Ass dojos, breathtaking fights, and a reminiscent of the 80s’ Karate Kid movies, the American sitcom explores the complexity of human relationships. Bringing back the business to All Valley, the most anticipated Cobra Kai season 5 will be here in no time. While the season will certainly be a roller coaster ride for rivalries, there will also be some more love triangles and relationships we pine for. Well, at the center of it all are the sweethearts, Miguel, Sam, and Robby.

Miguel and Samantha have been a thing since the very beginning. But then, Robby Keene happened, and well, rest is the history. However, with their relationship status single as of now, Redditors discuss an unpopular opinion about Sam and Robby. 

3 reasons why Sam and Robby were never couple goals

There are some people who although attracted to each other, and maybe deep in love, are not made for each other. There’s nothing to crave in their relationship. They give away these sibling vibes, let alone lovers. Such is the opinion of Redditors regarding the short-lived relationship between Samantha and Robby.

The gorgeous-looking boy first entered Samantha’s life when her romance with Miguel was on fences. Miguel then grows jealous of him, cutting down everything he had with Sam. She then dates Robby but cheats on him with Miguel, who was dating Tory at that moment. A little confusing right? Well, in short, fans believe both Robby and Tory were an escape for Sam and Miguel from their shattering relationship.

Unpopular Opinion: Robby and Sam had no Chemistry at all from cobrakai

Fans also believe, it is not the characters that lacked chemistry but the way their relationship was written.

Others feel they recycled their love story in season one from the original Karate Kid movies.

While they are probably impossible to root for, we still have reasons to ship the in Cobra Kai season 5.

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Reasons to ship Ro-antha in Cobra Kai season 5

As stated earlier, perhaps it is not the characters but the relationship that’s not written very well. Perhaps they didn’t get the screen time they should to become lovers from friends. Robby still cares for Sam and seeing Daniel and Johnny’s children together will indeed be an interesting arc.

Furthermore, in the teaser images, we say Sam and Robby balancing the disk. Perhaps, the balance they are able to create, and the understanding they share are symbolic of the fact that deep down. They are made for each other. However only season 5 will tell if our predictions are correct or not.

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Are you crossing the dates on your calendar? Cobra Kai season 5 premieres on September 9th, only on Netflix.

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