Where Is Miguel and Sam’s Eccentric Relationship Headed in Cobra Kai?

Where Is Miguel and Sam’s Eccentric Relationship Headed in Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Well, no need to explain this, because the fans of the show have been chanting this since its release on Netflix. The popular karate drama has proved to be a big hit as an original series of the streaming platform. Significantly, it navigates through martial arts, life lessons, love, drama, and intense fights. The reason that the show could amass such a fan following was that it offered not only fight sequences but romantic drama and comedy that appeals to the palate of a vast audience. In this article, let’s dive deep into the romantic drama side of the show. Especially the journey of Sam and Miguel in Cobra Kai.

Samantha and Miguel in ‘Cobra Kai’

I must say, Miguel and Sam’s relationship is fun to watch. However, they might have their highs and lows and frequent exchange of blows, resulting in a bloody nose (unintentional rhyme) in and around their relationship. Let’s take you back to how it all started and the present situation.

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Miguel in Cobra Kai season 1 was desperately trying to adjust to his new school. Meanwhile, Samantha faced a dilemma regarding her acceptance by the popular girls and her old friends. Both of them felt uneasy in their own way, but when they met each other, sparks flew. They both seemed to fill each other’s voids, which resulted in them having feelings for the other. However, this didn’t last long, as Miguel felt insecure about Sam and Robby’s friendship. 

The video above is a fun take on the romantic drama in Cobra Kai.

The two went their separate ways after season 1. Well, they attended the same high school, so their ways didn’t turn out to be so separate. For two seasons, we see Miguel and Sam hovering around each other, flashing eyes and grief-stricken smiles. However, they end up together at the end of Season 3.

Miguel + Sam + Robby + Tory: Best of luck understanding this

Miguel and Sam’s relationship is a rollercoaster ride to put it simply. However, they are not the only ones riding it. During the course of the series, as their love grows apart, they find new people. After their breakup in the 1st season, Sam got close to Robby while Miguel took a liking to Tory.

We can see a lot of electricity between the two couples in Season 2. Furthermore, their karate competitiveness comes out in their relationships too as they compete with one another and ignore each other or making the other person jealous. This romantic drama is quite fun to watch. However, things take a turn after season 3. As Sam gets back with Miguel, season 4 portrays a more mature relationship between these two. Well, this too doesn’t last long, as they get uncomfortable by seeing the closeness between Robby and Tory.

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During the prom in the latest season, as they get outshone by Robby and Tory, Miguel tries to handle his own frustrations. However, Sam lets her anger take over, which results in a fight between the two couples. Here’s a little video of the fight.

The fans have a lot of views about ‘Cobra Kai’ and its fun content on Netflix. It would be interesting to see where Sam and Miguel’s relationship will lead to in the upcoming seasons. Meanwhile, Miguel embarks on a journey to Mexico City to find his father. What do you think about the relationship between Sam and Miguel?

All season of Cobra Kai are available for streaming on Netflix.

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