Does Karate Heal Asthma? Cobra Kai Fans Pose a Burning Question Around Miguel’s Health

Does Karate Heal Asthma? Cobra Kai Fans Pose a Burning Question Around Miguel’s Health

“Pain does not exist in this dojo!” This was the line of sensei Lawrence when he first met his disciples thirty-four years after he lost the All Valley tournament. While Lawrence never intended to make his students a bully, he also did not want them to be cowards or mushy. This was prominent ever since the first season of Cobra Kai. When he saw a group of bullies harassing Miguel, he finally decided to show off his martial arts skills, and well, the rest is history.

However, when he first started training Miguel to become self-defensive, the boy was an asthma patient. And it took no time for sensei to snatch and throw his inhaler. Well, it is the Johnny boy we are talking about! The interesting fact is, over the course of 4 years and 4 seasons, fans never saw Miggie using his inhaler even once.

What happened to Miguel needing his inhaler? from cobrakai

So what exactly happened there? Did his lung disease magically disappear? Had he had some kind of out-of-the-universe medical treatment? Or, Lawrence’s loud and clear “QUIET” was enough for his asthma to run away as quickly as a flash? Or is there a logical explanation? Ahead of the season 5 release, fans gush about this important and prominent question, and it seems like they have an interesting explanation.

Cobra Kai fans explain how Miguel might have cured his asthma

In the final episodes of season 1 of this American sitcom, we see Lawrence training Miguel in the strangest ways possible. He made him swim and even be underwater for a prolonged time as a part of his training. Fans believe that’s exactly how Miguel won over his will and found the cure in his sport. To support their explanation, they even gave personal life explanations where sports helped them cure bad lungs. And well there’s no denying that meditation and discipline can’t cure the worst of diseases.

Similarly, a few also made fun of how Miguel’s paralysis went away just like that. Fans explain Miguel did have an expensive surgery and what happened back at the DJ night was to just boost up his confidence that he can be on his feet again.

However, there were some funny comments as well and we are sure it will make you laugh your stomachs out. Have a look at them yourself.

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