The Saddest Cobra Kai Scenes From Seasons 1 to 4

The Saddest Cobra Kai Scenes From Seasons 1 to 4

After 4 seasons with about 40 episodes, Cobra Kai is bound to have some sad moments. While the series remains light-hearted at its core, it does have some emotionally intense moments, along with a few tear-jerkers here and there. Here are some of the saddest scenes from Cobra Kai:

Mohawk? No-hawk

Eli got the mohawk and got a tattoo of a hawk on his back to “flip the script”. While he was a confident young man after the transformation, all of it was there just to divert all the attention away from his cleft lip. His new look was all that gave him confidence, and watching it being cut off was certainly not pleasant. To make things worse, Hawk comes to the dojo to meet Miguel and others, showing fans his vulnerability at the moment.

Miyagi-do being thrashed

One of the most wholesome aspects of Cobra Kai is Daniel LaRusso and the respect he has for his deceased sensei Nariyoshi Miyagi. He built the dojo according to Miyagi’s preferences and honored the man in every way possible. Hence, watching Miyagi-do in ruins and Miyagi’s medal of honor missing was as devastating for the viewers as it was for Daniel.

Robby’s fall

Yes, we’re aware it was Miguel that fell. We’re talking about Robby’s metaphorical fall from being a good guy with a dark past to a character with “no mercy” to show anyone.

Right from his birth, Robby had it difficult. His father didn’t have the courage to show up when he was born and he failed to do so constantly as he grew up. While Johnny was a changed man later, the damage with Robby was done. He found a mentor and a father figure in Daniel LaRusso.

When Robby was on the run after pushing Miguel off the school’s stairs accidentally, he still felt like he could confide in Daniel. The look on his face when he asked Daniel not to bother visiting him was a heartbreaking one as he realizes that no one truly has his back.

Eli and Demetri

Ever since Eli became “Hawk”, he never really saw eye to eye with Demetri. Fans thought his aggravated assault on the latter in a mall was as far as it would go. Unfortunately, as we all know, it wasn’t so. Albeit with a little reluctance, Hawk broke Demetri’s arm, ruining their friendship and causing a lot of harm to his former friend.

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Miguel’s fall

Yes, we’re talking about the fall we mentioned earlier.

The bad blood between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence passed down to another generation as the kids learned to resent and distrust each other. Add to this a teenager as overbearing and impulsive as Tory, and the students of both the dojos were in for a fight they’d all never forget.

While the scuffle didn’t begin with him, it ended with Miguel falling off the stairs. He was hospitalized and was in critical condition. The entire scenario was as disheartening as it could be. A tiny detail that makes it all the more devastating was the voice note Johnny opens outside the ER Miguel was in, causing the brazen character to finally break down.

Tommy’s death

The notion of death alone is a scary one. Although he died an old man who had seen a lot, Tommy, one of the original Cobra Kai students alongside Johnny, talks about his life and how he never really had “time”. He suggests Johnny go find love while he still has an abundance of it.

The two have a good time together, along with their other friends. Tommy passes away in his sleep and Johnny wakes up to see that he was no longer with them. Watching the three childhood friends try to revive their friend and then call an ambulance as they lose hope is the most devastating scene of the entire Netflix Original.

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Other scenes that aren’t tear-jerkers like these but can still dishearten viewers abundantly are Cobra Kai being taken from Johnny, Miguel being bullied by his schoolmates, and Eli pleading to his mother not to bring to light anything related to his cleft lip.

Are there any scenes from the Netflix spin-off series that you think belong on this list and we seemed to have overlooked? Let us know in the comments!

All seasons of Cobra Kai are currently streaming on Netflix.

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