Chris Evans Won’t Fight Ryan Gosling if ‘Barbie’ Was Released Before ‘The Gray Man’

Chris Evans Won’t Fight Ryan Gosling if ‘Barbie’ Was Released Before ‘The Gray Man’

After nearly two years of content drought, thanks to covid, the more interesting projects finally have a release date. Among these is Barbie. Greta Gregwig’s next starring Hollywood stalwarts Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is the most anticipated film. While Margot’s look was revealed much earlier, Gosling’s was kept under the wraps. And for good reason, for the recently unveiled look has sent the Gosling fans into a frenzy. We are pretty sure Chris Evans would think twice before wrestling with this Barbie Gosling. 

A first glimpse at Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie

Ryan Gosling plays Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend in the upcoming flick. Clad in a denim vest, the actor sports a tanned muscular look against a pink backdrop. The washboard abs and the Platinum blonde hair has driven fans crazy over the star’s transformation. 

After several years of break from acting, Gosling is coming back with two movies in vastly different roles. Besides Barbie, he’s also starring in Netflix’s The Gray Man. In his long career, the star has always gone for varied roles that showed off his acting range, from The Notebook, Blade Runner 2, and The Nice Guy to La La La Land. 

For Mark Greaney’s novel’s adaptation, he plays an ex-CIA agent, Courtland Gentry. Chris Evans’ Llyod Hansen is tasked with tracking him down and killing him. While Gosling’ Ken looks like he’s unable to throw a single punch, Court is capable of that and more. He also sports a more rugged, buffed-up look in the movie. If Chris was to meet this Ken Gosling, instead of throwing punches, the two would have had an epic bromance.

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But the film looks promising, boasting a talented cast to boot. Kate McKinnon, Alexandra Shipp, America Ferrara, Simu Liu, Hari Nef, Will Ferrell, Issa Rae, and Michael Cera round off the cast. The Warner Bros film will arrive in theaters next year. However, you won’t have to wait for The Gray Man that long. The film arrives on July 15 in theaters and on July 22 on Netflix. 

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