“But do they smell like Chris Evans?”: Russo Brothers Ask Netflix Selling Lloyd’s Trash Stache Ahead of ‘The Gray Man’ Release

“But do they smell like Chris Evans?”: Russo Brothers Ask Netflix Selling Lloyd’s Trash Stache Ahead of ‘The Gray Man’ Release

The time for Stranger Things is almost over. And even though we will see the culmination of the story right at the beginning of July, it is not time to get on board with The Gray Man hype train. The Russo Brothers and the entire team behind the project is anything but calm about the release of the movie, and the streaming giant is, of course, one of the prime promoters and hype creator for it. And this time around, a particular thing belonging to Chris Evans has become a collectible for the fans.

It is quite possible that many of you already ordered the thing. If not, we’d suggest you don’t bother because it is already out of stock! You are wondering what this thing is, aren’t you? Well, the thing that Netflix decided to sell before the release of Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling starrer movie is Evans’ trash stache from the movie. Something that caught a lot of attention of the fans when the trailer and initial photos were released. However, The Russo Brothers seemed to have a genuine concern about the trash stache, and here is what it was:

The Russo Brothers share a genuine concern with Chris Evans’ trash stache from The Gray Man

It was rather surprising to see that Netflix was selling a fake mustache that resembled the mustache that Chris Evans is flaunting in the Netflix Original movie. However, while the trash stache promised you can become a secret agent like Evans from the movie, it was something else that bothered the directors of the movie.

The Russo Brothers wanted to know if the trash stache actually smelled like their favorite actor, Chris Evans. Because honestly, if you are buying a mustache that is supposed to be connected to Chris Evans, you would want it to at least smell like him. We will have to wait for Netflix or Chris himself to answer the question tho.

What is also surprising is that the trash stache is already out of stock! Dexter: New Blood actress Jamie Chung took to Instagram to ask Chris if he could “hook a girl up“. While reposting Jamie’s story on his account, Evans wrote, “we’re currently making more, as fast as I can grow them.

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Did you buy this trash stache from Netflix? If yes, are there any ways we can interest you in a bargain?

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