Why Is Ryan Gosling Interested to Know Chris Evans’ Shoe Size? ‘The Gray Man’ Exclusive Clip Answers

Why Is Ryan Gosling Interested to Know Chris Evans’ Shoe Size? ‘The Gray Man’ Exclusive Clip Answers

The Russo brothers sure know how to tease fans. Ever since they revealed they were reuniting with Chris Evans for another movie outside of the Marvel universe, fans were extremely excited. Not only that, but The Gray Man is also a comeback for Ryan Gosling. In the recently released teaser, we get another look into the action that is to go down between Evans and Gosling, and it looks really outstanding. And we’re really digging Ryan’s quick insults at Evan’s “trash stache”! But there’s one scene where Gosling wants to know Evan’s shoe size. Let’s find out why.

Gosling is missing a shoe in the teaser, and Chris Evans is hard to miss with his white pants 

Gosling’s Court takes one assassin after another in the teaser, all while missing a shoe. Evans’ Llyod surprises him with a punch and what we think is a pepper spray. Gosling is immobilized temporarily, but he still spits insults at Evan’s choice of pants and mustache. But he still has a few tricks left and he drops a bomb. When Chris Evans chases him again, Gosling asks him his shoe size, hoping that his shoe would fit him. Ana de Armas also makes an appearance at the end, only to shoot Evans in his a**. 

Evans’ turn as a villain is something to look forward to after his superhero world-saving Captain America stint in the Marvel movies. 

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A new action-packed spy franchise from the Russo brothers 

The Gray Man is based on Mark Greaney’s novel of the same name. It follows a skilled CIA agent, Courtland Gentry (Gosling) who uncovers a dark agency secret. He goes on the run when the CIA dispatches Evan’s unhinged Lloyd Hansen and his team to finish him. The Russo brothers who have previously worked on the Avengers movies plan to turn it into a franchise. The film will release in limited theaters on July 15 before landing on Netflix on July 22. 

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