Charithra Chandran Shares Her Makeup and Skin Treatment Philosophy Learned on the Sets of ‘Bridgerton’: “I love a multi-purpose tool”

Charithra Chandran Shares Her Makeup and Skin Treatment Philosophy Learned on the Sets of ‘Bridgerton’: “I love a multi-purpose tool”

Charithra Chandran is now a household name, which wasn’t the case a few weeks back. Ever since Bridgerton season 2 premiered, Chandran has received a lot of praise for her doll-like beauty. It was her soft features and quietly strong personality that made her the perfect choice for Edwina. Now in a recent Vogue video, she shared the secret to her flawless skin and her favorite night-out look. 

Charithra Chandran: The simpler a routine is, the more likely you are to follow it

The 25-year-old follows a simple skincare routine before applying any makeup. She also makes it a point to treat her skin gently—something she learned from Bridgerton’s makeup artist. 

My family’s from India and generally the skincare that we use back home is all-natural. And also, it’ll be like the same product for many purposes. That’s kind of my main beauty secret. I love a multi-purpose tool,” said Chandran.

She starts off with a Youth To The People’s Cleanser and then applies a Toner. To combat the dark circles and eye bags, she uses Huda Beauty lifting under-eye patches, then follows it with a lip balm and a moisturizer. 

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For the actress, makeup is all about enhancing your features

A lot of us use makeup to hide our flaws, but Charithra Chandran thinks the opposite. 

 “Makeup isn’t about hiding things that you don’t like about your skin; it’s about enhancing what you already have,” she states.

That said, she used a Milk Makeup’s Hydrogrip formula primer, Bobbi Brown’s foundation, and a Nars concealer. For blush, she used a Stila blush, a Dior highlighter palette, and finally, a Kevyn Aucoin contour. Dior and Urban Decay eyeliner are her go-to choice for adding a smudgy effect to her eye. And finally, she completes the look with a Maybelline mascara.

She admits she wasn’t always this good and credits her makeup skills to her mother. 

While spilling secrets about her makeup routine, she also shared that Bridgerton has helped her to feel more confident. In a previous interview, the actress did admit feeling relived for having landed the role of Edwina even though she wasn’t particularly interested in the role and neither did she get much support from friends.

Whether she is good at makeup or not, Chandran will always rule our hearts as Edwina.

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