Charithra Chandran Reveals Feeling Cathartic After Landing the Part of Edwina On ‘Bridgerton’ and Her Love for ‘Love Is Blind’

Charithra Chandran Reveals Feeling Cathartic After Landing the Part of Edwina On ‘Bridgerton’ and Her Love for ‘Love Is Blind’

Charithra Chandran landed the role of her life when she nabbed Edwina’s part on Bridgerton. The actress hasn’t looked back since then. The show has received overwhelmingly positive responses from fans, especially for the inclusion of diversity. She has revealed her favorite Netflix show, her audition process, and more in a recent Queue & A session.

The Bridgerton audition was a long process for Charithra Chandran 

It wasn’t an overnight process for Chandran who had auditioned for the role back in November 2020. Yes, that was even before season 1 had aired. But upon getting a call from Shondaland the actress was beyond excited. 

“I was just like, ‘Oh finally, thank god. God, this has been in my life for five months. And you know, really grateful for getting the part. So, it felt very, sort of, cathartic,'” she expressed. 

To prepare for the part of “generous” Edwina, she constantly interacted with the writers to understand their vision for the character. 

And it was really talking to Chris (Van Dusen) and Jess (Brownell), the writers, and Geetika (Lizardi), who is an Indian Writer on the show, and really seeing what they envisioned, and bringing that, or collaborating with them, with what I envisioned for her. Yeah, and that’s how we arrived at the Edwina Sharma that you see in the show. ” 

The creators have added more nuances to Edwina’s character on the show. Chandran feels that the show’s Edwina goes “above and beyond” the book

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She fell in love with The Sound of Music and Love is Blind 

The Bridgerton actress, Charithra Chandran is a self-confessed fan of The Sound of Music and Love is Blind. The former was the very first movie that had an impact on her in her childhood. It isn’t surprising to learn regency period drama actress binged watched the entire Love is Blind series. 

I binged that, and I was you know and then when it became weekly, it was the first thing I’d do in the morning.”  The pod dating show was so popular that it inspired a Japanese and Brazilian spin-off. 

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