‘Bridgerton’ Stars Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran Break Down the Tension Between Kate and Anthony During the Wedding Scene

‘Bridgerton’ Stars Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran Break Down the Tension Between Kate and Anthony During the Wedding Scene

Without a doubt, the wedding scene from Bridgerton season 2 is one of the most intense scenes in the entire season. This is the scene where Edwina Sharma, at last, got to know about the Anthony and Kate’s hidden feelings for the first time. So it makes sense that our very favorites Simone Ashley, aka Kate Sharma and Charithra Chandran, aka Edwina Sharma, break down this important scene.

The breakdown was part of the new segment on Netflix’s YouTube Channel: Shot by Shot. In our previous post we covered the entire scene but now it’s time to pay some attention to the two leads and what this scene meant for them.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t yet streamed season 2 of Bridgerton, stream it first before reading ahead.

The tension between Kate and Anthony on the wedding day

A lot is happening with Kate and Anthony during the wedding scene. They can’t show their emotions and feelings in front of everyone, especially in front of the Queen, who organized the whole wedding. So, when Kate Sharma entered the church as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding, she is confused and trying too hard to not look at the man she loved with all her heart.

Anthony, too, is trying to avoid glancing at her for too long for the fear of discovery. However, all his restraint goes for a toss when Edwina walked down the aisle and stood in front of him. Now, Anthony can’t help but steal glances at Kate.

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Kate as Anthony’s bride

As the wedding ceremony begins, a lot of tension and eye shifting are happening at the moment. At one point, Anthony is lost in his imagination, where he sees Kate as his bride, in a white wedding dress. Visibly shocked, he looks at the gathering, only to find the pews empty—it’s just the two of them.

While explaining this part, Charithra Chandran is sympathetic to Kanthony and says, “You can’t help but feel for Anthony and Kate and how the conservatism of the society, the rules of the society have held them back from true love.

Anthony was so lost in his thoughts, that he even forgets to announce his vows, and Edwina suspects something for the first time in Bridgerton season 2 because he caught his fleeting glances toward her didi.

The bracelet stops the wedding in Bridgerton season 2

Kate’s mother’s bracelet is the ultimate savior in the situation. The falling of the bracelet from Kate’s hand, and Anthony’s insistence on helping makes Edwina realize that there’s something between the two. This ultimately leads to Edwina running away from the altar feeling betrayed and heartbroken. Meanwhile, Kate and Anthony share a look. Simone Ashley is quick to share how this particular part of the scene came to be. Apparently, the script had a single descriptive element about the look. When Kanthony looked at each other after Edwina’s run, they were silently communicating, “She knows.”

Did you notice these non-verbal aspects of the wedding scene? What are your thoughts on the scene?

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