Blake Lively and Her Handmade Halloween Decorations Will Inspire You to Make Yours

Blake Lively and Her Handmade Halloween Decorations Will Inspire You to Make Yours

Halloween is near and the world is busy prepping for one of the year’s most awaited fest. Everybody is in a rush to book the costumes and decide on what decorations to put up this year. Well, if you have not landed on any idea yet, Blake Lively is here to help you. No, the actress is not going to help you personally with your Halloween decorations but she might have some pretty great ideas, which she recently posted online.

Lively keeps on showing her hidden talents from time to time. The woman is not just a singer or an actor or a mother of three, but she is a wonderful artist too. She has proven this recently by posting pictures of her new handmade Halloween decorations.

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Blake Lively lightens up Instagram with her Halloween post

Another thing that Blake Lively is known for is her wonderfully maintained and aesthetic Instagram account. She keeps on posting about her husband Ryan Reynolds and her three daughters on it. Once again, she decided to impress her fans with her yet another creative skill of Halloween decoration.

On September 27, the actress shared photographs of her self-decorated pumpkins and sour bread. The Pumpkins are beautifully painted like unicorns. There are three of them so you might derive the conclusion that it is one for each of her daughters Inez, James, and Betty.

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According to Homes and Gardens, Blake shared a lovely Instagram carousel showcasing her homemade Halloween decor ideas and festive bakes. Not just that, being her fun self as always, she posted it with a caption mentioning her recent lack of email response as she was busy doing this. If you are in case having a bad day, these Halloween decorations will light it up for you.


All of her decorations seem very kid-friendly and beautiful in their way. Another thing to be noticed is that she has used white pumpkins for her decoration. They seem to be in trend this year. Her creations have got us wanting to try our hand at making our own Halloween craft ideas this season.

Tell us in the comments what are you going to do this Halloween.


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