Billie Eilish Laughs, She Feels “embarrassed all the time while singing”

In his interview series, David Letterman has been peeling the onion as he talks to different celebrities. As he peels off one layer, we get to know a piece of new information about the personality and it changes our perspective. We can look at them from a realistic point of view. So, when Billie Eilish comes to the show, David does the same with her. And we get to see Billie on a personal level.

Billie Eilish shares a secret with David Letterman on the show and laughs

This one-hour conversation of Billie Eilish with David Letterman was the most fun part of the interview series as we get to see David going young here. Billie takes Letterman to go-carting and they race, where they touch upon several topics.She even opens up about her Tourette’s syndrome. From there, they shift the conversation to auto-tune, when the singer admits to a liking for the software.

Now, here the fun begins. Finneas O’Connell has already created a basic track for David. Billie and Finneas make David wear the microphone and make him sing, which cracks all of them up.

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Interestingly, when David was wearing the microphone and Finneas asked him to sing, David says, “I am embarrassed.” and immediately, Billie consoles David and adds, “I am embarrassed, too, all the time, when I sing.” Well, after hearing Billie’s songs, we cannot believe that she said this in the show.

When David asked Billie about how long the rush she feels after performing on stage stays? Billie gave the funniest answer to this question. She says that it lasts around half an hour. Eilish adds it doesn’t stay with her in an overpowering way. She tries to explain the feeling by saying that it feels relieving. And in her own words, “It’s like taking a really nice dump.” 

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It is understandable to be nervous when going to perform in front of a huge audience. But we just want you all Billie Eilish fans to watch this interestingly funny conversation. Watch the entire episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and let us know which is your favorite Billie Eilish moment.

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