Billie Eilish and Finneas Crack Up as David Letterman Gets a Taste of Autotune

Billie Eilish and Finneas Crack Up as David Letterman Gets a Taste of Autotune

Billie Eilish‘s interview with David Letterman is too much fun to watch. The pair of young Billie Eilish and elderly David Letterman has so much energy and spark. They even go to a go-cart track and watching them have fun makes us smile too. You know, how singers are taunted if they use an auto-tune to create the music? Well, Billie and Finneas explain the use and purpose of using the auto-tune, and what happens next will crack you us as it did David.

Finneas and Billie Eilish on auto-tune

David Letterman is talking about how ugly and sad the period of the pandemic was. He talks about the album that Billie and Finneas had made during the time. Talking about creating music, they go to the studio where Finneas had already assembled a basic track for David.

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Finneas says that David’s associates gave him the information about David never having to try auto-tunes before. Billie explains that whenever she tries to put auto-tune into the song, people think that auto-tune means you can’t sing. “Oh my God, this is terrible,” are generally the reactions that she hears.

On the contrary, she finds this funny as she admits she loves the sound of auto-tune. She thinks it sounds interesting and creepy and it is so much fun to sing with. She gives examples of other artists as well, like Travis Scott, T-Pain, and Kanye West. “These are the people that have paved the way for auto-tune as a tool and as an effect,” says Billie.

She doesn’t like it that people still think, “Ugh, they use auto-tune. That means they’re not real artists.” She then explains the process and effect of using auto-tune while creating music. Finneas and Billie then make David wear the microphone and make him sing.

When Finneas and Billie explained the concept of auto-tune, David said that he was pretending to understand whatever they were saying, which cracked everyone up. Finneas shows the tracks he had prepared and David says, “This, so far, is how I feel all the time.” Finneas plays the track and David admits he was feeling embarrassed.

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As the music plays, David sings, “Riding high, feeling low.” and as soon as he stops singing these words, he says, “I gotta lie down.” Now the interesting part is, all this has been recorded and as soon as Finneas plays the recording, they all find it hilarious and share a big laugh!

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