“As high as $4.32 trillion…” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Revealed the Cost of Unhealthy Lifestyle and Its Solution in His Fitness Newsletter

“As high as $4.32 trillion…” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Revealed the Cost of Unhealthy Lifestyle and Its Solution in His Fitness Newsletter

Arnold Schwarzenegger has continued to be a source of motivation for people. The 75-year-old Austrian still remains in the spotlight for his work. While age may have forced him to slow down, his message to stay fit still goes out to the world. After achieving major milestones, the grandfather took up the challenge of getting mass subscribers for his fitness-centric newsletters.

The Terminator actor has proved to be an example of ‘practice what you preach’. Having stayed buff throughout his life, his strong will and discipline have been his biggest traits. Backing advice with facts, here are a few tips he gave on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his take on fitness, workouts, and more

After working for so many years, one would have wanted to retire happily. But Arnold Schwarzenegger is the unbeatable exception. A few weeks back, he started The Pump Daily newsletter for anyone who wants to read his insights on fitness. One of his biggest challenges for the world is to fight obesity. Referencing the World Obesity Federation, he said, “the cost of obesity could run as high as $4.32 trillion per year by 2035.” As per him, the culprit behind it is poor diets and lack of consistency.

One meal or a missed workout isn’t a problem, as long as one jumps back to their regime. As for muscle building, he suggested doing more or longer reps. Since mass readers just want to maintain general fitness, pulling 3-6 sets a week or going on a ten-minute walk every day should do the trick. But it is the consistency that reaps the benefits.

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For someone who came from Austria with big dreams, he did more than rule the body-building world. With his newsletter out, he stayed he achieved every seemingly impossible task.

A glance at Austrian Oak’s achievements

At the age of 20, the Predator actor won the title of Mr. Universe in 1967. In 1970, he bagged the titular role in Hercules, in New York. With Terminator cementing his acting career, he became a household name around his fit but cheeky personality. After achieving it all, he won the seat for becoming governor of California from 2003 to 2011. While his social media presence and newsletter will continue, Netflix is planning to showcase him as a series lead for the first time in Fubar

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