Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces Date for His Big Netflix Debut ‘FUBAR’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces Date for His Big Netflix Debut ‘FUBAR’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man with unbeatable potential, charm, and the will to conquer anything he steps foot in. This much he has proven throughout his youth by winning Olympia title six times. The bodybuilder then forayed into the acting industry to give us the best of both worlds with his action movies. However, the actor then focused on his political career, which has arguably been the most impactful. While grateful for his dedication to bringing a change to this world through his political career, the audience longed to see Schwarzenegger bring his charm to the screen again, which is not made possible, thanks to Netflix.

Finally, after years, the Austrian Oak has chosen Netflix as the platform to bestow upon fans a long-awaited True Lies-esque series. While the project reveal was exciting enough, now fans can mark a date on their calendar.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s big comeback now has a date

Fans of Schwarzenegger have big plans for him. They have been constantly dropping the actor’s name as both DC and Marvel have potential vacancies. While Marvel and DC have yet to put a ring on it, Netflix has been there and done that. The actor himself revealed the date to his fans for this project. In his regular newsletter to his fans, the actor wrote, “Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like True Lies. Well, here it is.” Schwarzenegger also promised that FUBAR will be just as entertaining as, if not more than, his previous blockbusters.

The series has a talent like Nick Santora, ensuring that the Netflix series is an equivalent of a box office hit. Netflix’s official teaser reveals the release date to be the 25th of May. Apart from focusing on comedy and action, FUBAR has an engaging story to tell, One of a father and daughter. This is especially exciting for Schwarzenegger fans who have time and again seen him prioritize his kids.

Is FUBAR the right comeback for Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

Given the actor’s absence from acting, fans have wondered what Arnold Schwarzenegger’s great comeback would look like. While many imagined it to be on the big screens in theaters, Netflix’s FUBAR has packed the magic in its eight-episode series.

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From Schwarzenegger in a leather jacket on a bike to one liners like “I’m back, baby!“, the series promises to give back fans the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the 90s. Except this time he is wiser, responsible, and instead of being on a mission to kill, he is on a mission to protect.

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