Arnold Schwarzenegger Breaks Down the ‘go big or go home’ Myth about Bodybuilding, Shares Some Progressive Tips to Get Jacked

Arnold Schwarzenegger Breaks Down the ‘go big or go home’ Myth about Bodybuilding, Shares Some Progressive Tips to Get Jacked

The world recognizes Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. The Hollywood giant has left his mark as the ideal inspiration for bodybuilders for generations to come. Nonetheless, none of this success came overnight to the star who was grinding hard with all his blood sweat, and tears. Years of strict training and gym protocols eventually helped Schwarzenegger establish himself as the benchmark in bodybuilding. 

In the latest newsletter, the star, who was also the Governor of California, shares some important tips before for aspiring weight lifters. However, the fan-favorite legend has got something very important to share before you get down to a strenuous outfit. In his latest issue on the official Schwarzenegger website, the legend has shared some practical advice about weightlifting. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares some essential tips on bodybuilding 

The 75-year-old addressed ‘the go big or go home’ myth revealing that vigorous heavy weightlifting is not the proper method to get results. He debunked the idea that only heavy weightlifting will make you stronger eventually. In fact, he revealed that someone lifting proper lightweight is the key benefactor to keeping his body jacked. Later in the interview, he acknowledged his very own legend at that time. 

Speaking further of the progressive resistance principle, he mentioned his idol, Eugen Sandow. Back in the day, the same bodybuilder was ‘the strongest man in the world. Schwarzenegger’s dedication to working out according to his legacy set by him has been commendable. For the record, the famous bodybuilder used to give a shot at 125 reps of light weights at times. Regardless, our legend said, “simply doing a lot of reps is not enough.” 

Sometimes nearing the limit of your body is also necessary,” said the former bodybuilder. Further explaining with an instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger said how we might think 30 reps of squats with 100 pounds would be all. However, mostly that is not the case. He elaborated on how those few sets might instead leave us more fatigued and make us more “susceptible to injury.” 

Talking of rep ranges Schwarzenegger clarified that compound movements such as pushes, squats, and deadlifts are best within 5-12. Whereas the isolation movements such as biceps, triceps, and lower body training can be pushed for higher ranges. 

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