Did You Know Arnold Schwarzenegger was Originally Chosen to Return For ‘Predator 2’ ?

Did You Know Arnold Schwarzenegger was Originally Chosen to Return For ‘Predator 2’ ?

Despite bagging multiple achievements throughout his life, what fetched the most glory Arnold Schwarzenegger was his lead role in his landmark movie, Predator. His top Hits breakthrough characters of all time, Dutch as the main lead still thrives in the hearts of movie freaks. However, people of that era can get it better as the legend never returned. Nonetheless, the plan was just the opposite. 

Ever since the first Predator movie ended with Dutch surviving his encounter with the alien hunter, the character was highly in demand to return for a sequel. However, as hinted at by sources from comic books and gaming resources, the character never really returned for the same. However, separating Schwarzenegger from the Predator still felt hard to digest. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the moviemakers fell over the deal in terms of money 

Nonetheless, the movie makers did just that. Although, they DID have plans for getting the legend back on the screen. Yes, you heard it right, Arnold Schwarzenegger was meant to return for his iconic lead character in the second installment of the movie. As reported by Slashflims, Schwarzenegger was originally planning to continue the Predator legacy. 

The source reported that the studio was in terms of negotiations with the star. Sadly, the deal fell apart by over $250,000. The head of the studio then denied going “beyond these numbers” thus dropping Arnold Schwarzenegger out of the iconic role. Hence, they had to feature Danny Glover as the main cast.

The story continued with the alien landing on the earth’s biosphere and then heading straight to Los Angeles. Although it was a major hit in itself, Arnold’s absence hugely impacted the fanbase of the movie. However, critics and movie reviewers think it did well for Schwarzenegger with respect to his other work commitments. Apparently, it bought time for the star to focus on another Hollywood biggie, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. 

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What are your opinions on the same? Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger returning for Predator 2 would have done good for the actor? How did you like Glover as the replacement? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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