Fans Have a Ship Name for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Flex Wheeler as the Former Makes a Social Media Post

Fans Have a Ship Name for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Flex Wheeler as the Former Makes a Social Media Post

Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for his insane physique before he graced the silver screens in the 80s and the 90s. He competed as a professional bodybuilder in the golden age of bodybuilding in the 50s and the 60s. Soon after winning several championships, he turned to act and delivered hit after hit. But despite the tough filming schedule, the Austrian maintained his physique. Now in his 70s, the man is still tough as a fiddle. And he continues to advocate for maintaining physical fitness. The Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition is held every year in his honor and this year the ex-governor honored Flex Wheeler with a lifetime achievement award at the event.

Wheeler has won four Arnold Classics in total and is also a three times runner-up at Mr. Olympia. Flex Wheeler is a legend in his own right. The Terminator actor realized this and therefore the bodybuilder was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award. Schwarzenegger took to his Instagram to congratulate him on the win and praised him for imbibing all the qualities of a champion. In the photo the two legends were seen standing side by side, smiling wide for the camera. 

Just a few minutes later, comments started pouring in and fans could not help but come up with a ship name for the two legends.

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Fans react to Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulating Flex Wheeler on his achievement

The majority of the fans echoed the same sentiment as Arnold Schwarzenegger and congratulated Wheeler. But there were some that came up with shipping names to address the two together!

We are sure that the ex-governor of California will certainly like the name. The Hollywood Titan has proven several times that he has a sense of humor and can take jokes. The comment is clever for it is also a play on the word flex! 

Amongst the well-wishers, there were few that took a dig at the actor for not posting a picture of Ramon Dino. Previously, the star had posted a group photo with the 2023 Arnold Classic Open division’s top six contestants. However, Ramon despite winning the Arnold Classic was missing from the picture.

Are you happy that Flex Wheeler won the 2023 Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement award? Share with us in the comments. 

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