After Oscar Fallout and ‘Emancipation’ Announcement, Will Smith Spoke for Lakers at This Year’s Genius Talk

After Oscar Fallout and ‘Emancipation’ Announcement, Will Smith Spoke for Lakers at This Year’s Genius Talk

It was a difficult year for both Will Smith and the Lakers. But we recently saw one lifting the other in these testing times. Will Smith has just begun surfacing and moving on from the Oscars fallout, as the mass public takes their time accepting his appearances again. Meanwhile, the Lakers are struggling to break their losing streak this year.

Genius talk is a series for Lakers wherein celebrities are invited to give a motivational speech for the players, through their own stories. Several celebrities like actor Dwayne Johnson and magician David Blaine have been part of this throughout the years. Adding to it recently was Will Smith, wherein he talked about together and more.

What did Will Smith say to the Lakers in his speech?

Recent controversies have greatly humbled the I Am Legend actor. In attempts to slowly make a comeback, the actor became part of the Lakers Genius Talk series. In a post on his Instagram, the actor posted photos of his visit. He also met Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, for which she was thankful.

Where he also gave the team a glimpse of his upcoming Apple-produced movie Emancipation. The release of the big-budget movie was in question for a while along with Smith’s other projects, but he did not give up. Lakers fans had mixed reactions to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor preaching about togetherness after his debacle with Chris Rock.

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Though the Lakers page posted, “Huge thank you to Will Smith, who joined the team to discuss strength through togetherness, and practicing gratitude in times of great challenge.” So far, the Lakers have lost to Portland Trail, L.A. Clippers, and the Golden State warrior.

Maybe Will Smith‘s speech will help them back on track. Meanwhile, the actor will also work on getting acceptance from a wider audience, especially in light of his future projects. But perhaps the next year will be better for Will in Hollywood and the Lakers at NBA.

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