After Life Creator Ricky Gervais Answer Your Doubts About the Ending

After Life Creator Ricky Gervais Answer Your Doubts About the Ending

After Life fans continue to struggle with the end of the series, much like Tony from season one. It is not just the decision from show creator Ricky Gervais to end the series that has impacted the fans. But even the ending of the series has left fans riddled with questions.

The creator had to break his silence and address the issue at hand. But, thanks to Ricky, many fans got the answers to the questions and some deep knowledge from him. So, let us look at Ricky’s remarks on the series ending. No doubt there will be spoilers ahead, so keep reading if you have completed After Life.

A big thread by Netflix

Netflix tried to cover all the doubts, which resulted in a big Twitter thread, and it was worth the read. Fans biggest doubts were whether Tony and Brandy died at the end of season 3. The Twitter thread perfectly explained the reason behind the fading, which only meant that death was inevitable, and they die, but not during the Tambury Fair, of course.

It asks the big question: if you lose everything, is life still worth living?“, Ricky explained. “And my answer is yes. If you’ve got something to do, if you’ve got something to get up for, then keep going, because you haven’t got long anyway.”

Thus, we hope you understood the message the series wanted to send across. Many fans also wonder if the series is based on Ricky’s life. So, let us look if there is any truth to support the doubts.

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Is After Life based on the life of Ricky Gervais?

Ricky Gervais has a partner named Jane Fallon, but they have decided not to marry or have children. So, we already have a big difference between Tony and Ricky. One trait that the two share is being blunt to the point where it would hurt others, but Ricky does it because he is a stand-up comedian.

“But Tony is the closest to me, yeah,” Ricky agreed. “And, yeah, I have no patience. I have to curb it now.” When asked about Tony, Ricky explained, “Everything’s semi-autobiographical.” Therefore, fans have another one of their doubts solved.

How did you handle the news of After Life‘s last season? What was your favorite moment from After Life Season 3? Let us know in the comments.

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