After Life Season 3 Ending EXPLAINED

After Life Season 3 Ending EXPLAINED

What should have been a sad story never really embraced the sadness. However, the fans liked it for that very reason, an interesting spin on a dark subject like death. In After Life season 3, Tony has made progress, and the fans have got the ending they deserved.

Every series requires a conflict between the characters which acts as a plot catalyst. However, a few series can successfully integrate conflict for all characters without losing the audience. After Life excels in this domain, as every character gets closure at the ending of season 3. So, let us look at the season 3 ending, and not expecting spoilers would be as criminal as not considering Brandy cute.

Love troubles in After Life season 3

Tony and Emma, the nurse who assisted Tony’s father, had a fling that never really manifested into anything serious. When Tony realizes Emma can’t fill the void created by Lisa, things change between them. As a result, they decide to go their separate ways, and Tony doesn’t hold a grudge against her.

Elsewhere, postman Pat and Roxy are also having trouble sustaining their relationship. The main pain point of their relationship is Roxy working as a sex worker. The couple eventually had to break up at the end of the series, as Roxy doesn’t want to stop working. However, there is a happy ending for Pat, who finds someone in the end.

Tony’s remorse in season 3

Season one and two amplified Tony’s struggles after he lost Lisa, his wife, but season three has shown us the bigger picture. When Tony and Lenny visit a cancer hospice, Tony understands suffering when he keeps bumping into children who have cancer. Tony suffers another traumatic memory when he finds out that the girl’s name is Lisa.

However, he does not lose his cool as he makes up a reason for his sadness. One last interaction with a sick boy sparks something in Tony that makes him cash Lisa’s insurance policy i.e £150,000. It is an enormous amount and Tony uses it for the greater good.

Season 3 ends in Tambury Fair with Tony being a good friend

Tony hands out enormous cheques to the deserving people who stood by him during tough times. First up is Matt, Lisa’s brother, who also has to grieve her death. Next up, he helps Lenny by contributing to his upcoming wedding preparations in June. Tony also feels sympathy for Coleen, the intern’s living conditions, and gives her a cheque.

The cancer ward in the hospital also gets a cheque from him. Kath, Tony’s colleague, struggles with an identity crisis, which led her to try laughter yoga. When Kath breaks down while explaining her loneliness, she is kicked out from the yoga group for ‘bringing the vibe down’. Tony comes as a savior when he sets her up with postman Pat at the Tambury fair.

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Tony realizes he is glad to have everyone around him happy and enjoying. Thus, he remembers his last moments with Lisa. The trio fades away as they walk through the common, starting with Lisa, Brandy, and Tony at last.

After Life has an IMDb score of 8.4.

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