‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Netflix Release Date Revealed – Cast, Synopsis, And More

‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Netflix Release Date Revealed – Cast, Synopsis, And More

K-Dramas have been ruling Netflix for quite a while now, and all of them have distinct genres. However, the Korean industry seems to love one genre in particular i.e. zombie apocalypse. Until now, we mostly had zombie movies, but now Netflix has moved towards a full-fledged series with All of Us Are Dead. So, let us look at when are the zombies are coming back from dead.

Release date of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix

Once again, Korean creators have shown us the limits of their creativity know no bounds. All of Us Are Dead follows a high school that becomes the epicenter of a zombie outbreak. The trailer fluctuates between comedy, horror, and thriller. So, it never gets too dark nor it gets too light, just the perfect balance of different genres.

After Hellbound, Netflix will adapt another hit Korean webtoon Now At Our School by Joo Dong-Geun. The streaming giant has left no room for guesswork as it has announced the release date along with the trailer. Fans can binge the K-Drama series from January 28, 2022.

All Of Us Are Dead cast

The eight-episode zombie apocalypse series will feature the following stars:

  • Yoon Chan-young as Chung-san (known for The Fault is Not Yours)
  • Park Solomon as Lee Soo-hyuk (known for Sweet Revenge)
  • Choi Yi-Hyun as Nam-ra (known for Hospital Playlist)
  • Park Ji-hoo as On-jo (known for House of Hummingbird)
  • Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-Nam (known for Spring is Green)

The series will also feature Lee Yoo-mi of Squid Game fame, but the creators haven’t disclosed his role yet. Lee Jae-Hyu and Kim Nam-soo will serve as the directors for the series, and Chung Sung-il has written the screenplay. Film Monster and JTBC Studios are in charge of the production duties.

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If we go by the recent trend of K-Dramas, then All of Us Are Dead is bound to be an instant hit. Check it out before it goes mainstream so that you can brag about it to your friends.

Let us know in the comments how excited are you for All of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

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