Cobra Kai Star Ralph Macchio Hints at the Possibility of a Karate Kid Cinematic Universe

Cobra Kai Star Ralph Macchio Hints at the Possibility of a Karate Kid Cinematic Universe

Nowadays, future developments of a series/film get more recognition than the current plans. Thus, we have big production houses announcing their future projects way before they have started. Ralph Macchio also unknowingly might have made a bold statement about the future of Cobra Kai.

However, fans have nothing to lose from Ralph’s claims, but a lot to win. Since Ralph is the executive producer of Cobra Kaihis words hold value. So, let us look at how Ralph Macchio has given the Cobra Kai fans some hope.  

Ralph Macchio on The Tonight Show for Cobra Kai

Jimmy Fallon hosted Ralph Macchio on The Tonight Show. And the social media team of the show uploaded a part of the interaction on YouTube on January 20, 2022. The two talked about their meeting at the Islanders Game and Ralph’s love for NHL. Did you know that Ralph Macchio has an NHL card by Islanders?

Ralph also shared his experience working with his daughter Julia on the series. “She knocked it out of the park. The writers of the show came up with a character for her that-“ Ralph told proudly. “You know, I was nervous. You know, your own kid. It was a lot of fun.” 

Ralph Macchio on the Karate Kid Cinematic Universe

Jimmy praised the writers of the series for their “funny, smart, and interesting” writing. Jimmy acknowledged how the series was expanding with every season and it has become never-ending. Ralph gave credit where it’s due and said: “Listen, Jon, Josh, and Hayden are the main creators of the show and the entire writing staff. These guys, they are truly the fans that are writing the show for the fans.”

“It’s becoming the sort of Karate Kid Cinematic Universe is what we talk about,” Ralph admitted. “You know like Marvel. Like, I mean, we could do prequels, we could do movies. Maybe we’ll do a spinoff in this direction.” If we include Jaden Smith’s movie, there are five movies in The Karate Kid film franchise and a follow-up series like Cobra Kai. Thus, the creators have more than enough material to work.

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Now that Ralph has said it, fans won’t let it slip the actor’s mind. Hopefully, as long as fans get more karate, they won’t throw a tantrum, but we never know.

Have you streamed Cobra Kai yet? Does the cinematic universe idea excite you? Let us know in the comments.

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