‘After Life’ Lessons – What the Show Teaches Us About ‘Grief’

‘After Life’ Lessons – What the Show Teaches Us About ‘Grief’

A series about coping with the loss of a dear one might not sound like the most fun series out there. And for some, it might not even feel relatable, but After Life has proved them all wrong. After Life has removed the stigma around death and in the process has also given us some valuable lessons.

Tony loses his wife, Lisa, and his only coping mechanism is being miserable and punishing everyone with his words. But, the series shows us why Tony’s initial approach is not the best way forward. Everyone has to suffer from some kind of loss, and these After Life lessons will help you through your tough times. Also, there are spoilers ahead.

How After Life tackles grief?

After Life does not sugarcoat the pain and the loneliness felt by a grieving person. It explains how expressing yourself is part of the process. We see Tony reliving the memories of Lisa in season one, and he denies interacting with anyone else. Thoughts of self-harm also run wild in Tony’s head, so much so that he keeps talking about suicide with his colleagues.

The grief on Tony’s mind spills on to his colleagues and anyone that comes in his way. But, his friends never lose their cool and understand the gravity of the situation. Tony relieves all his anger and frustration on others, but things do not change. The loneliness and pain are still the same, so Tony has to accept it.

The Weight of living

Season 2 offers a broader picture to Tony. Much like the real world, everyone is suffering from different problems. Once he accepts the grief, he makes space for new people in his life. We see Daphne/Roxy, Emma, and almost everyone around Tony getting closer to him.

But the pain does not fade away for Tony, as he has to face the waves of grief. Thus, the series warns viewers that only accepting the grief won’t make a difference. The grief returns and you have to live through it. As Tony says, “Another day. Gotta keep it together. Face the world.”

Small steps make a big difference

As cliche as it sounds, the third season shows the impact of Tony’s minor changes. Instead of not caring for anyone he tries to be kind and helpful to others. From setting up his friends for a date to making donations for the cancer ward, Tony grows.

After Life also shows that grief is not a one-time thing, and it will repeat only for you to come out stronger. In season 3, Tony has to deal with his father’s death, which takes a toll on him. But Tony finds a coping mechanism, which does not involve hurting someone else. When Tony looks at his friends enjoying the Tambury Fair, he realizes the true superpower of caring.

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Season 3 of After Life premiered on Netflix on January 14, 2022.

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