After His Wrexham Visit, Will Ferrell Invades Fan-Favorite Netflix Shows ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Bridgerton’, and ‘Squid Game’ in a Quirky Super Bowl Ad

After His Wrexham Visit, Will Ferrell Invades Fan-Favorite Netflix Shows ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Bridgerton’, and ‘Squid Game’ in a Quirky Super Bowl Ad

We all know that Wrexham AFC has recently become the popular Hollywood spot for little pub parties. Following this, fans saw Will Ferrell making a special appearance on Wales soil on 11th February 2023. The hilarious tweet posted and photos on social media showed how the actor enjoyed his time strolling through the stadium. And following his visit to Ryan Reynolds-owned Wrexham, Ferrell dropped in on a Super Bowl ad.

Bringing back the yearly tradition of million-dollar blockbuster Superbowl commercials fans get to see this comedy legend swinging onto different Netflix shows. Let’s see how the star-studded ad has wrapped Ferrell in a thrilling adventure.

Will Ferrell cruises through Netflix shows in a new Superbowl ad

In a new commercial launched by General Motors on Wednesday fans saw Will Ferrell breaking into an all-electric future. The Other Guys star left fans stunned, venturing into several shows on Netflix, including Stranger Things, Squid Games, and Bridgerton.

The most amazing part is that we see the American superstar dressed for the roles of all fan-favorite series. For instance, he calls himself Dustin interacting with the clever sister of Lucas Sinclair from Stranger Things.

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“What do you mean it’s me, Dustin,” said Ferrell sporting a hellfire t-shirt while Erica replies “you’re not.” He then moved into the red light and green light session of Squid Games, nearly meeting his end. Not to mention, the Get Hard star is also seen bitten by a zombie from Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead.

Ferrell’s, however, wasn’t the only entertaining Super Bowl ad. There were many others.

Sneak peek into the best Superbowl commercials 

Like every year, Super Bowl brought another package of commercials that depicted famous industry faces in amazing scenarios. The actors who joined Will Ferrell on this joyous ride include Ben Affleck, Sarah McLachlan, Steve Martin, and Alicia Silverstone, among others.

Fans have loved this commercial starring Ben Affleck where he surprised drive-thru customers by taking their orders. Meanwhile, it gets even more enjoyable as Jennifer Lopez enters the scene and asked him for a glazed.

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