‘The Flash’ Confirmed, Ben Affleck Stars in an Amazing Project With Jennifer Lopez at Super Bowl LVII

‘The Flash’ Confirmed, Ben Affleck Stars in an Amazing Project With Jennifer Lopez at Super Bowl LVII

Every year, football lovers gather to watch an exciting game between their favorite teams. This year, the excitement doubled as people saw Batman serving at the Dunkin’ in a commercial that aired at Super Bowl LVII. Who said only Ryan Reynolds can make the commercials hilarious and witty? Because the recent Dunkin’ commercial is hilarious and has an exciting surprise as well.

The commercial saw Ben Affleck wearing a Dunkin’ apron and serving the customers. The actor worked in the drive-thru and the real customers by interacting with them. In their Massachusetts branch, while serving the customers, the 50-year-old actor asked a man if his (Ben’s) face looked familiar to him. But the man denied and there came an awkward moment between the two. However, some other customers recognized the Justice League star and expressed their excitement, as per US Magazine.

While getting their orders, a fan also asked if she could get a selfie with the actor. But the excitement lasted only for a few minutes until his wife, Jennifer López, arrived to get a cup of coffee. Surprised by seeing her husband at the cash counter, López asked him what he was doing there.

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“Is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?” asked the singer as Affleck removed the apron and thanked the staff members. As hilarious as this commercial was, did you know Ben Affleck has an old connection with Dunkin’?

Ben Affleck has a never-ending connection with Dunkin’

The actor pays regular visits to the store for his daily dose of caffeine. People have often captured the actor holding his cup and enjoying the beverage. The on-screen Bruce Wayne once revealed he supposedly helped the west coast expansion of Dunkin’. As he used to have his Dunkin’ Donuts every day, people would ask him about the store’s location. As he tells them about the store, the Batman star felt he was spreading the word about the franchise.

Ben Affleck and his love for Dunkin' donuts
Credit: Imago

And thus, when he was seen working at the store in the recent Super Bowl commercial, his fans felt super excited. Interestingly enough, Affleck’s 2010 flick with Rebecca Hall, The Town, also had a Dunkin’ connection as the movie is set in Boston, known for being loyal to the donut franchise.

Well, Ben Affleck surely loves his Donuts Dunkin’. What about you? Did you love the new Superbowl ad for the franchise? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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