After Shawn Levy, Will Ferrell Drops in at Ryan Reynolds Co-Owned Wrexham, Admits He’s “a little nervous”

After Shawn Levy, Will Ferrell Drops in at Ryan Reynolds Co-Owned Wrexham, Admits He’s “a little nervous”

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney turned Wrexham into a celebrity-favorite hangout spot since their takeover in 2021. Many celebrities have visited the Welsh team’s grounds since the Hollywood stars took the reins of the team. Most recently, Reynolds’ buddy and frequent collaborator, Shawn Levy, attended a match a few weeks ago. Joining the bandwagon of Wrexham’s high-profile visitors is the Free Guy star’s co-star in Spirited Will Ferrell, who brought with him his legendary comedic timing.

Not only did Ferrell visit Wrexham and tickle our funny bones, but the actor also reminded everyone of Mugatu as he set his hair and confessed to feeling nervous in a video shared by the soccer team.

Will Ferrell makes an impressionable debut at Wrexham

11th February 2023 saw Wrexham’s Racecourse Ground graced by the presence of Will Ferrell. Fans of the club got a glimpse of the visit through the club’s recent Instagram reel, in which one can see the actor setting his hair after confirming the video is being recorded. Once he felt his hair was in place, Ferrell proceeded to introduce himself to the viewer and shared how it was his first time at Wrexham, not before confirming where he was with a crew member. With the camera zoomed in on the bridge of his nose, the actor confessed his feelings about the visit.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little nervous,” revealed the 55-year-old actor in the reel.

While at it, Ferrell reminded fans about his iconic Zoolander character Mugatu, with some comments claiming his hair starting to resemble his character’s. But that was not all he did during his visit. The American actor was also spotted going around the grounds, interacting with fans and crew members in a later Instagram post on Wrexham’s handle.

Ferrell made his visit at a time when Wrexham was hoping for a way to keep the pressure at the top of the National League table with their match against Wealdstone. After the match, the club even put up a story with the caption, “We hope you enjoyed the game, Will!” Whether he loved the game is something only he can answer, but Wrexham fans surely had much to love about Saturday’s match.

Ryan Reynolds co-owned Wrexham makes a comeback from a crushing defeat

Wrexham’s match against Wealdstone was an important one after they lost their ties and subsequent replay loss against Sheffield United, whose captain recently thrashed the Welsh team after their defeat. To maintain their second spot on the table and even get to the top position, Wrexham had to win the match, and they did so at a 3–1 margin. According to BBC, following their win, they briefly reached the first rank before Notts County reclaimed it after their win against Chesterfield.

With 2022-23 season still at its peak, the Ryan Reynolds co-owned team will have more chances to bag first place. The team will be facing Woking, Aldershot Town, Scunthorpe, Dorking Wanderers, Chesterfield, Maidenhead United, and more in the upcoming weeks. Given how the Deadpool actor’s co-stars have been making appearances at previous matches, maybe the next one with Woking on 15th February will see Hugh Jackman in attendance.

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