Adidas to Get Kanye West Into More Trouble With an Investigation Into “inappropriate behavior”?

Adidas to Get Kanye West Into More Trouble With an Investigation Into “inappropriate behavior”?

In recent times, Kanye West has become one of the most talked about celebrities. West, who was once known for his incredible rapping skills and music productions, now finds himself surrounded with controversies most of the time. The Flashing Lights hitmaker has become a subject to massive criticism from the masses and even popular celebrities. And many of us are even aware of the recent fallout Kanye had with the multi-billion dollar brand Adidas.

When we talk about a celebrity and brand tie ups, Adidas and Kanye West are the first thing that pop to our mind. The rapper’s partnership with the German sports brand was one of his most successful business ventures. However, as we all know, the rapper lost the rights to Yeezy after his anti-Semitic comments. He is no longer a billionaire owing to the controversy. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg as the brand now plans to get Kanye West into more trouble.

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More legal troubles for Kanye West?

Kanye West is a very controversial figure. From running for the President in 2020 to openly threatening comedian Pete Davidson online, the rapper has done it all. While he got away with all this, it seems like Adidas is all set to launch an investigation following the misconduct claims against Kanye. The misconduct allegations include verbal abuse, offensive remarks and even allegations that West showed p*rn to the Yeezy employees.

In response to these allegations, the brand released a statement saying, “We take these allegations very seriously and have taken the decision to launch an independent investigation of the matter immediately to address the allegations.” However, the brand clarified that for now they are unsure whether the claims made in the anonymous letter are true.

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The multi-billion dollar branded ended its partnership with Kanye in October, following his anti-Semitic comments. As of late, the Flashing Lights hit maker made his return to Twitter. Previously, an ex-employee of Adidas broke his silence about Kanye West and his treatment of the staff.

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