Julia Foxx Go Candid About Perks of Dating Kanye West and His Pen*s Size, Both of Which Are Rather Surprising

Julia Foxx Go Candid About Perks of Dating Kanye West and His Pen*s Size, Both of Which Are Rather Surprising

Did Julia Fox just reveal the size of Ye’s manhood? The American- Italian model who hit the news for dating Kanye West for a short period, is not done talking about her relationship with the singer. As per Fox, they first met during a New Year’s party in Miami and felt an instant spark.

Despite the breakup, they have maintained have mutual respect. While Ye is busy with his share of controversies and divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian, Fox continues to dive into her brief affair with the artist. In a recent interview, she went as long as to reveal the size of his manhood.

What Julia Fox had to say on Kanye West and the size of his manhood

Kanye West stays in the news, whether for his controversial opinions, amazing music, or his manhood. His former lover Julia Fox appeared on the talk show Ziwe, wherein she revealed the singer’s p*nis size. The host opened up her arms to guess the length, while Fox kept narrowing it down until a difference of foot length. Ziwe Fumudoh shrieked as she reacted knowing the size and exclaimed, “Oh, my God!”

The size is censored with the line, “hate comes in all sizes.” Although she also spoke about other men and the smallest d*ck she has ever seen. But apart from Ye’s size, there was another benefit to dating him. As per the UnCut Gems actress, the other perk of dating him was that she got a lot of clothes.

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While she enjoyed the short dating period, the actress claimed to have romanced him to take his attention away from her ex-wife Kim Kardashian, although she was unsuccessful. On the other hand, she expected to get good roles from having dated such a celebrity, but that did not happen. The 32-year-old now remains active on social media, especially Tik Tok where she showcases her talents.

While Kanye West has not commented on her interview so far, we can expect more posts from him now that Elon Musk welcomed him on Twitter.

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