‘Worry about your own business’ – Shaquille O’Neal Lashed Back at Kanye West Over Anti Semitism Row

‘Worry about your own business’ – Shaquille O’Neal Lashed Back at Kanye West Over Anti Semitism Row

Kanye West has added NBA players to the pot of controversies. The expressive artist is currently on a roll, adding different celebrities to his list of criticism. While he was always known for his control more than his music, the singer’s anti-Semitic comments became unavoidably offensive in recent times.

On the other hand, NBA player Shaquille O’Neal, also known as Shaq, has always stood his ground on respecting all religions. Now, West has continued his barrage on the Jewish community, and during one such incident, he talked about reading the fine print. As an example, he mentioned O’Neal’s deal with Jamie Salter. That clearly did not sit well with the former NBA player, who has now given a rather spicy response.

The story beyond Kanye West and Shaq’s latest feud

Shaq has clapped back at Kanye West. The former NBA champion has some practice dealing with controversies which gave him peace of mind when Ye criticized him over Twitter. In the same manner, O’Neal gave a response on the platform asking West to, “I got more money than you, so why would I listen to you, take my advice get your family business in order.” 

The first half of the sentence may or may not be true, since West’s billionaire status remains in the dark. But this is the sports analyst’s second instance in recent times in regard to the topic of Semitism.

It all began when NBA player Kyrie Irving promoted a documentary over twitter that had anti-Semitic undertones to it. The player was penalized by being dropped in five matches by the NBA. On the topic, O’Neal criticized him and said, “It hurts me when we have to sit up here and talk about stuff that divides the game. Now, we got to answer for what that idiot has done.”

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But Ye tried to prove how Jewish people like Jamie Salter always control the extra 1%. The Canadian businessman owns Authentic Brand Groups, which manages O’Neal. Do you side with Shaq or Kanye West on this matter? Let us know in the comments.

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