A Robert Pattinson-esque Reboot? James Gunn Might Follow Matt Reeves’ Footsteps to Revive Superman in The New DCU

A Robert Pattinson-esque Reboot? James Gunn Might Follow Matt Reeves’ Footsteps to Revive Superman in The New DCU

Back in the Spring of 2016, fans and moviegoers had their voices stuck at the pinnacle of their throats as they prepared themselves for director Zack Snyder’s slugfest between Man of Steel and the Dark Night. However, now, some six years after the brawl that erupted in the name of Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice, James Gunn, and Peter Safran’s ideology has brought a massive shuffle upon the DCU realm. However, it is not just this studio that is going through such chaos.

Matt Reeves also brought a significant change to warner bros as he appointed Robert Pattinson as the pleasingly off-beat batman in his 2022 gig. Although they did not start it from the scratch, a new back-story was given to the dark knight. And according to a recent report, it seems like Gunn intends to ride on the same path. So with a little ado, let us get into the details of how one titan may follow in the footsteps of the other.

Is James Gunn taking after Matt Reeves to create his new Superman? Will that work?

Although the new CEOs of DCU have kept pretty much everything under the wraps about their new Clark Kent, we do know that a younger version of Man of Steel is coming. Gunn had also previously hinted at how Man of Steel will meet with other Superman characters such as Lois Lane. This means that Clark Kent will have already gained his superpowers and be the God-like figure for the Earthlings.

Notably, Robert Pattinson’s caped crusader in Reeve’s thrilling adaptation of Gotham city did not have an origin story but gave a new beginning to the Dark Night. So, it is rather safe to assume that the new leaders are perhaps following the footsteps of Matt Reeves, bringing about a Robert Pattinson-Esque Superman reboot (via Screenrant).

Furthermore, we do not know yet if the go by the rules superhero and intellectually and physically strong dark heroes will be in the same universe. Even though both Gunn and Reeves have debunked this idea previously but keeping in mind, the humongous success the 2022 Batman movie brought to Warner Bros. taking its example could be fruitful for DCU as well.

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However, only time will tell if the vision and expectations turn into reality. Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates on James Gunn’s regime. Also, do let us know in the comments what are your thoughts about this idea for the young Superman.

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