5 Shows Canceled by Netflix That Sent The Fans Into a Fury; Including First Kill and Daredevil

5 Shows Canceled by Netflix That Sent The Fans Into a Fury; Including First Kill and Daredevil

Do you know what breaks the heart of a 21st-century fully grown adult? Yes, so many things. But Netflix canceling its shows out of nowhere is one of those big lumps in your throat. And the streaming service is certainly known for being trigger-happy by canceling some of the fan-favorite dramas. While 2021 was the epitome of shows canceled by Netflix. Following its footsteps, the year 2022 is also making fans furious as Netflix abruptly decides to not renew some of its highly anticipated dramas.

Apparently, fans are throwing tantrums all over Twitter after they learned Netflix won’t renew First Killthe vampire LGBTQ series that almost made them gasp. And that’s not all. Here are the 5 shows that Netflix didn’t renew that made its subscribers vault at it.

#5 Raising Dion

Canceled: April 2022

Raising Dion had become the face of sci-fi family shows over time. They portray young Dion as a boy who inherited superpowers from his father. And Nicole, Dion’s mother, is a woman who is ready to sacrifice her life to raise Dion into the perfect superhero the world needs. And as season 2 hit the streaming service, fans were on the edge of their seats till the very end.

However, the show could not secure a renewal, leaving so many lingering questions unanswered. And fans of the show were nothing but disappointed.


#4 Archive 81

Canceled: March 2022

The Visser apartment building, the VHS tapes, and investigating Melody Pendras almost trapped Dan Turner, and the spectators into a dangerous inescapable cult, until Netflix canceled the show altogether. The decision brought fans on the verge of ending subscriptions. Seemingly, they expressed their disappointment all over the internet.

Despite ranking among Netflix’s top 10, Archive 81 may have ended prematurely because of a decline in viewing between episodes.

#3 Space Force

Canceled: April 2022

Before they made the second season of Space Force available on Netflix, the future of the show may have already been written. The show had to make significant budget cuts and move to Vancouver in order to reduce costs. Sadly, the top 10 numbers indicate that the show didn’t perform up to Netflix’s expectations, therefore the suspension was lifted at the end of April. And well, fans were rather furious about it. Might have sent Netflix to outer space altogether.

#2 Daredevil

Canceled: March 2022

Easily Marvel’s best TV show, Daredevil followed the blind lawyer by day and Hell’s Kitchen vigilante by night and offered terrific fight sequences. But seems like even such an interesting plot didn’t intrigue Netflix and it canceled the show. And the Twitter world is apparently swirling because of fans’ hatred towards the streaming giant.

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#1 First Kill

Canceled: August 2022

After a promising beginning, Netflix’s new vampire LGBTQ series quickly declined, as evidenced by metrics like top 10 hourly figures and completion data, leading to its stealth cancellation after two months.


Despite losing viewers, the show did manage to amass a dedicated following on social media who are fighting to get it revived elsewhere.

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Which of the above Netflix canceled shows did you love the most? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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