Space Force Season 2 Does Something Even the Office Couldn’t- Find Out

Space Force Season 2 Does Something Even the Office Couldn’t- Find Out

Space Force had the perfect recipe for becoming a future classic just like The Office. It had a great cast ensemble of talented comedians who also wrote the show. And most importantly, it brought back Greg Daniels and Steve Carell years after working on The Office. So fans did not doubt Space Force. However, the first season did not do well. But Netflix had complete and utter faith in their project. It looks like their trust is rewarded with Space Force season 2!

Space Force season 2: fresh rating

After the show’s first season failed to impress critics and fans alike, all hope seemed to be lost. But thankfully, Netflix did not give up. They learned from their mistakes and came back with a much improved season two, and it worked!

At Rotten Tomatoes, the season is currently rated a 100% fresh rating. As compared to the 39% rating that the first season received. This is a feat that Greg and Carell could not accomplish even with The Office. The initial seasons of The Office struggled to get a perfect score on the Tomatometer only to become one of the greatest series ever.

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What do the critics have to say?

It appears that the notion of the new Space Force season being a significant improvement is common among fans and critics both. As soon as the show started streaming on Netflix, people were really happy that the show had a new approach and that their suggestions were considered.

“This time I laughed with every episode…fun, entertaining, with a variety of absurd moments, taking advantage of its cast to squeeze as much as possible out of each scene,” says QiiBO’s Jorge Rivera Rubio.

While others like the new relationships emerging in the show, commenting, “With interesting characters and dynamic relationships, season 2 works a lot better than its first. So for fans of Carrell and his other comedies, its definitely a must-watch,” Comic Years’ Shah Shahid commented.

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