$450 Million Worth Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Holds a Grudge Against THIS One Movie for Not Making a Profit

$450 Million Worth Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Holds a Grudge Against THIS One Movie for Not Making a Profit

Almost all Hollywood legends have had at least one or two stinkers in their filmography. Take, for example, Al Pacino. Does anyone remember Revolution or even Dick Tracy? Everyone had thought the movies would become box office smashes since an A-lister was headlining it. Even for someone as picky as Daniel Day-Lewis, he had few films that he was not proud of. So how can Arnold Schwarzenegger be an exception?

Actors pick projects depending on the script. While they can make certain assumptions from the script and attach some expectations to the final product, it still lies largely in the hands of the audience. Similarly, the ex-governor missed the mark with THIS one. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger lost money on Kindergarten Cop

Arnold Schwarzenegger is mostly known for embodying alpha male roles like Terminator and Predator. But the actor was never afraid of dipping his toes out of his comfort zones. He tried his hands at comedies too. And one of them was Kindergarten Cop. According to Vandal Random, the actor is still sulking over the movie, not making it big. 

Arnold was the reigning king at the box office in the 80s and 90s. So when he made Kindergarten Cop, he trusted his star power to fill the seats in the theater. He and Ivan Reitman teamed up to create this comedy-drama, ensuring the studio that it would make money.

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Both of them had expected it to cross 100 million dollars. However, the turnout was unexpectedly low. The budget for comedy films is usually low, but since the ex-body builder was involved, his salary contributed to the increase in budget.  Upon its release in 1990, the film only collected just 85 million dollars.

Schwarzenegger lost 25 million dollars! The money the film garnered was just enough to keep the director from selling off his furnitureArnold played detective John Kimble. He went undercover as a kindergarten teacher in an Oregon school to find a drug peddler. Apparently, the movie was a moderate success because of the combination of various genres. It left viewers feeling confused.  

Maybe if James Cameron’s vision of Spiderman had made it to the theaters, it could have covered for Arnold’s losses. What do you think?

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