Back When Arnold Schwarzenegger Teamed Up With 16-Year-Old Yea Greta Thunberg For An Exciting Cardio Session

Back When Arnold Schwarzenegger Teamed Up With 16-Year-Old Yea Greta Thunberg For An Exciting Cardio Session

Greta Thunberg has been voicing the intent of a million environmentalists who wish to bring about a change to the rapid and malignant poisoning of the earth’s biosphere. Even A-list stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Leonardo De Caprio are in awe of the 20-year-old. Often considered the hero of our time, the young activist has never shied away from standing against those who object to her cause or contribute to the illicit activity of unnecessarily polluting nature.

Becoming a global sensation just a year before (2018) the deadly pandemic hit humankind, she instituted movements such as Fridays for Future, attracting students worldwide to join hands with her. And over the years, she has situated herself as the pioneer of gen z reformers. Not only students and her senior activists, but the Sweden-based radical has also often advocated the good cause to the likes of Hollywood celebrities such as 9-time Olympic winner Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Back when Greta Thunberg went to Hollywood to meet the Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger

Apparently, just after asking the leading environmentalists, “How dare you,” Thunberg, 16, visited Los Angeles to address the same issue. There, people reportedly received her well, and she even met Hollywood-based eco-warriors such as Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. While the Shutter Island star tagged her as the “leader of our time,” the former governor of California had an excellent time biking around Santa Monica, sharing common sentiments. The 75-year-old Austrian American actor later on tweeted he was ‘starbuck’ when he first met with Thunberg.

Notably, the woman who slammed Andrew Tate for his high profile heavy fuel-emitting sports cars denies traveling in heavy vehicles such as airplanes and steamers. Furthermore, November 2019 was not the first time the two met.

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Just six months before her visit to the DeGeneres shows, they met in May at the Austrian Summit held in Vienna by the former governor’s environmental organization. Ever since, the two have supported each other in their impactful environmental endeavors.

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