Way Before The MCU Rumours, Arnold Schwarzenegger Was To Join The Marvel Universe as THIS Beloved Spiderman Villain

Way Before The MCU Rumours, Arnold Schwarzenegger Was To Join The Marvel Universe as THIS Beloved Spiderman Villain

Terminator fighting Spiderman in a James Cameron-directed superhero movie would have had your jaws dropped! Unfortunately, all of it went in vain. Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger date way back to the late 90s. Having first met on the sets of Terminator and later on, making more than 3 movies together, the two apparently became lifelong friends. And we, as fans, were just lucky that the two got along pretty well.

Not only the Terminator franchise, but they have also provided us with other jaw-dropping dramas such as True Lies. And had the circumstances been right, they would also go on to make the not-so-family-friendly version of the Spiderman movie! Yes, you read it right! A James Cameron Spiderman movie that to R-rated (it reportedly had a ‘sex on the bridge’ scene) was in the making. And the 7 time Mr. Olympia title winner was to play the most iconic villain in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wait, what? You did not know about any of it? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Octopus in the James Cameron Spider-Man movie would have been iconic!

Apparently, after the shooting of True Lies, the Avatar 2 director got the green light to work on his now-lost-in-oblivion Spiderman movie. It was reportedly in the development hell since ’83. However, with Carolco Pictures getting movie rights, the superhero flick was in full swing. While he saw Spider-Man as the hottest coming-of-age actor of that time (Yes! None other than Leonardo DiCaprio), the former governor of California was to play the infamous villain, Dr. Octopus.

Talks were also up in the air during that time that Sandman and Electro were also to make appearances in this version of the superhero gig. However, the entire plan was called off after the studio went bankrupt and had no funds to provide for the creation of James Cameron’s vision of Spider-Man.

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You can always read the script here. Notably, a few years down the lane, Sam Raimi would go on to make his version of the movie, borrowing a plethora of elements from the Terminator director’s script, which is still a standalone and something to go back to.

We certainly lost a great casting. Seeing Schwarzenegger coming eye to eye with DiCaprio would admittedly be a sight to behold. Do you agree with us? Feel free to comment with your opinions below.

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