20 Years of Waiting! Ryan Reynolds Admits He Wants to Gift a Toilet Paper to Nathan Fillion in a Hilarious Instagram Story

20 Years of Waiting! Ryan Reynolds Admits He Wants to Gift a Toilet Paper to Nathan Fillion in a Hilarious Instagram Story

Ryan Reynolds is unanimously agreed to be one of the most hilarious actors in the Hollywood industry. The actor reached peak success when he played a character that was more or less him in the body of a mutant. From poking fun at his wife to having a hilarious truce with Hugh Jackman, the actor really knows his way around comedy. His bromance with Hugh Jackman is very popular owing to the two actors starring in Marvel’s upcoming Deadpool 3.

However, this weekend the Deadpool actor revealed a gift that he had been wanting to give his Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place co-star, Nathan Fillion, for twenty years now. Furthermore, much like most of the top actors in Hollywood, Fillion and Reynold’s journey included an iconic sitcom that went on for four seasons. Reynolds plays Michael Eugene in the sitcom, a character that cannot help but be an element of chaos in his friends’ lives. Reynolds shared a throwback clip on his Instagram story that showed us what a perfect “last minute” housewarming gift looks like.

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Ryan Reynolds has the perfect housewarming gift for Nathan Fillion

Despite it being more than a decade since the actors have worked together, Reynolds and Fillion are still going strong. To date, Fillion has not forgotten to thank Reynolds on almost every platform for giving him a big break on television. And Reynolds has also not forgotten to shrug it off as no big deal. However, Reynolds’ Instagram story gave us just the inside detail we needed about their friendship.

As per Geo News, the Deadpool actor shared a clip of himself as Michael as he gifts Johnny Donnelly, Fillion’s character, a roll of toilet paper. And the scene is pure gold for three reasons apart from the toilet paper: Reynold’s forced entry, the pride with which he hands him the toilet paper and says “just got it last minute“, and the way he proceeded to say “what a dump” as he eyes the new house to compliment his very thoughtful house warming gift.

We really do not blame Ryan Reynolds for waiting twenty years for Nathan Fillion to buy a new house just so he can replay the scene again. But given that Nathan Fillion’s net worth is $20 million now, we doubt that Reynolds will get a second chance to say “what a dump” again.

Has Reynolds convinced you to gift toilet paper as a housewarming gift? Let us know in the comments below.

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