How a Passenger Once Made Ryan Reynolds Strip Mid-Flight for a Peep Show

How a Passenger Once Made Ryan Reynolds Strip Mid-Flight for a Peep Show

Ryan Reynolds has graciously aged from being the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in Hollywood to being the ‘Sexiest Dad Alive’. The sexiness is a constant throughout the many decades he has spent in the industry. Long before he appeared in Deadpool in all his Greek God glory, the actor played a role in the Andrew Douglas-directed horror film titled The Amityville Horror in 2005. It consisted of many scenes with Reynolds roaming around shirtless, which garnered whatever little good reviews the movie could earn.

Reynolds is one charismatic man and add to that a beautiful face and six packs, and it is a dream combo. The Amityville Horror is to date discussed for two things: how bad it was and how amazing Reynolds’ six packs are. So just imagine the absolute delight of the flight passengers when the actor decided to take his shirt off.

Why did Ryan Reynolds take his shirt off mid-flight?

The answer can be anything from the scale of “he wanted to bless his fans” to “Ryan being Ryan” and all would be believable. However, according to, in 2013 when the Deadpool actor was traveling from New York to New Orleans, he had an encounter with a drunken fun who proceeded to puke on him which resulted in the actor taking off his shirt.

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Considering the impact of his shirtless scenes, we can not rule out the option of the fan doing it. However, the source reported that thanks to the fan vomiting; the actor had to remain shirtless for the rest of the flight, giving fans more than they could ask for on a three-hour long flight.

Why did the Green Lantern actor NOT take off his shirt on a flight?

Well, the entire story was made up by the tabloids. The story about him having to sit shirtless on a flight gained so much momentum that the actor himself found out about it. And Reynolds did not deny that he had quite a good laugh after reading the story.

That is utterly made-up. I don’t know where that stuff comes from. It’s fantastic. It sounds like a great story.” Reynolds said in an interview with Vulture. Meanwhile, the actor was kind enough to share with us the name of the person who last puked on him, “Sherry Piper” from his elementary school.

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