2 Animated Kid’s Shows Meet the Axe, as the Horrible Week at Netflix Comes to an End

2 Animated Kid’s Shows Meet the Axe, as the Horrible Week at Netflix Comes to an End

Netflix has given one more reason for creators to become anxious. The week started with the headlines that the streaming giant has seen a giant dip in the subscriber count in over a decade. And the week is ending with plenty of cancellation news. Many saw this coming, but the rate at which the streamer is chopping off shows is alarming. The streamer has now withdrawn from two animated titles for kids. 

Dino Daycare and Boons and Curses aren’t happening 

According to the latest news, the streamer is stopping the production of Jeff King’s Dino Daycare and Jaydeep Hasrajani’s Boons and Curses. 

The former was announced in 2020 as part of the deal with Chris Nee, who serves as the executive producer on the series. His other show, Ridley Jones debuted back in 2021. Fortunately, Spirit Rangers isn’t getting the ax and will come to Netflix later this year. 

Dino Daycare imagines a world where dinosaurs never went extinct. The lead is a 6-year-old boy who works at a dinosaur nursery. 

Nee recently shared the unfortunate news on his Twitter and lamented the crew’s current state. 

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Chris Nee has an impressive resume. He has worked on Doc McStuffins before and has even collaborated with the former President of the USA, Barack and Michelle Obama’s production house, Higher Ground Productions. With them, he developed Ada Twist and We The People.

Boons and Curses were a part of the project to give more representation to Asian American creators and characters. But sadly, it won’t premiere in 2023 anymore. It was based on a warrior taking on an ancient curse and a great evil. Jaydeep’s resume includes the 2016 Powerpuff Girls.

Netflix sidelining projects to curb the losses

Since the company’s huge losses, it has started sideline animation projects. They had canceled several high-profile and highly anticipated animation series earlier this week as well. Moreover, the streamer is laying off employees – it sacked 25 marketing employees. Even shows featuring highly acclaimed stars aren’t safe anymore. Steve Carell’s Space Force was canceled after merely 2 seasons.

Where do you think Netflix’s corrective measures lead us?

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