Are Tudum Layoffs the First Thing on the List for Netflix?

Are Tudum Layoffs the First Thing on the List for Netflix?

Tudum is the official Netflix fansite, which has all the extra content on behind-the-scenes of the shows, trivia, interviews, lifestyle, and culture to support your favorite show’s fandom. Now, the streamer’s recent loss is affecting its fansite, as well. It was a black day for the entire department as 25 employees were laid off. These included employees from the company’s editorial and the marketing team.

This comes following a loss of 200,000 subscribers that Netflix incurred in the first quarter of this year. Netflix hadn’t lost a single subscriber for a decade and so the sudden drop came as a shock. Netflix’s exit from Russia following its attack on Ukraine, the hike in subscription fees, and the strong decline in content quality, are the reasons speculated for the drop. This has caused Netflix’s shares to fall down by 40%! It is the trickle-down effect of the loss of 200,000 subscribers that is making the company make hasty corrective decisions, scaring the investors away and pulling the share price down.

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Former Netflix Tudum employees take to Twitter post lay offs

Interestingly, Tudum got its name from the sound we hear when we start a show and the Netflix logo shows up. Tudum was launched with a big fan event, consisting of all major Netflix stars. Netflix poached talented people from all over as a crew for Tudum. They let go of the reputed companies they were working for to grab the prestigious job. So, unsurprisingly, the lot went to Twitter to talk about it and ask for jobs after they were laid off. Their obvious anger at the streaming giant was seen in the series of tweets.


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When asked if they’re planning to terminate Tudum as a whole, a Netflix representative said, “Our fan website Tudum is an important priority for the company.” The news has only shone a bad light on Netflix’s already tainted reputation. Do you think that by these lay-offs, they actually decided the end of their fate?

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