Netflix Gets a Fresh Batch of Beautiful Short Films, Thanks to These Competitions

Netflix Gets a Fresh Batch of Beautiful Short Films, Thanks to These Competitions

Netflix isn’t a platform known for short films, or for supporting small creators. From Shonda Rhimes to Quentin Tarantino, the platform is known for being a house of art and movies by prominent name in the industry. However, they decided to switch things up a little bit and produced The Great Untold in collaboration with Adobe.

What is this Netflix/Adobe competition involving short films?

The competition began last summer with Netflix and Adobe announcing the prompt- “what is a story that only you can tell?” TikTok users had to create a trailer based on the same. With over 16k responses, it is safe to say that the competition started out successful.

By August, three winners were selected. They had the opportunity to turn their trailer submissions being made into short films. The prize was a $10,000 grant, access to Adobe experts and tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro video software. Add to this mentorship from Netflix in filmmaking and you have the correct mix that brings out the best in three talented and passionate individuals.

Who are the winners? What films did they produce?

The Refugee by Jonathan Morales-Moreno

Mentored by Ryan O’Connell

Who can tell the story of a conflicted better than a conflicted himself? Just like the characters from his Netflix short film, Morales-Moreno is Mexican-American. The Refugee starts with a teenage girl from Columbia who has newly joined a typical small-town American high school. Forced together with another student of the same ethnicity, they both ruminate about their conflicting identities and heritage.

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Last to the Wild by Keara Anderson

Mentored by Maisie Richardson-Sellers

The one fact that is universally acclaimed is that growing up is difficult. Life brings to you a lot of struggles that you need to get through and force yourself to come out stronger. But the one thing that makes it easier is connection. Being social is a trait humans cannot cut out of themselves. While some think of vulnerability as a weakness, we simply cannot cut it out from our life. Another addition to the list of short films on Netflix, this story focuses on the life of a young man whose friends move on in life. He stays there wondering what “home” means to him. Is “home” the beautiful valleys of his town in Alaska or was it the people that he lived and grew up with?

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The Game by Samba Diop

Mentored by David E. Talbert and Lynn Sisson-Talbert

Dip grew up with Senegalese immigrant parents. He has brought to the screens a representation of an immigrant’s life. With a sci-fi twist and a mindblowing plot, this film makes you stop and think in the most unprecedented of ways.

Not only were the projects endlessly enticing, but they also added some great content under Netflix’s wing. Add to that the inspiration and motivation they have given these talented young people to work hard and achieve their dreams and you have all the reasons to watch these Netflix short films and show your support.

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