Lily James Highlights the “Double Standards” Women Face While Talking About the Upcoming Pamela Anderson Documentary on Netflix

Lily James Highlights the “Double Standards” Women Face While Talking About the Upcoming Pamela Anderson Documentary on Netflix

With the kind of technology in our hands, privacy breaches are not uncommon. But, we can all agree that the worst infringement that can happen to one’s privacy is the leaking of sex tapes. From news channels covering the stories of common women to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, we have seen sex tapes going viral online and the massive backlash that the women face after. Another such case is that of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s infamous stolen sex tape. After the release of Pam & Tommy on Hulu, Netflix has announced the release of Pamela Anderson’s version of the story in its upcoming documentary that has been in the works for years.

What Lily James had to say about Pamela Anderson’s Netflix documentary

While Pam & Tommy is surprisingly true to the original facts of the story, it isn’t as authentic as it could be because Anderson was never a part of it. Co-showrunner of Pam & Tommy, Robert Seigel told Variety that he initially reached out to Anderson but she chose not to get involved in the making of the miniseries.

Nevertheless, actress Lily James pointed out how essential it is for the public to hear Anderson’s version of the series. She said, “There are these huge double standards, women are torn down and reduced… So I think we really need to look at that.

James also expressed her excitement for the upcoming release of Anderson’s yet-to-be-named documentary. In the same red carpet interview with Variety, she said that she couldn’t “wait to watch it”. All we can say is that she isn’t the only one.

What is Pam & Tommy?

The eight-episode Hulu series explores the lives of all those involved and affected by the tape. We see Anderson (Lily James), her then-husband Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan), and the carpenter who stole and released the tape, Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen).

The one thing that does not go unnoticed about these clips and tapes is the double standards. The masses always scrutinize the female in the equation while treating the males just as they did before. We’ve seen Kim K, Paris Hilton, and the Canadian-American icon Pamela Anderson go through the same. Society at large has massive double standards when it comes to females.

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Are you looking forward to Anderson’s documentary on Netflix or did Pam & Tommy do the job for you? Let us know in the comments!

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